Pet & People Festival

Today was the first of a two day unique event providing information, services and products for pets and people. Even the snacks were designed for pets and people to share.

There was a great training demonstration using a “clicker”. The trainer was focused on reinforcing the behavior she wanted while ignoring the rest. This method eliminates the yelling and tugging. The dog was doing amazing activities like playing on and with a skateboard in a short amount of time.

A pet massage was also demonstrated and experienced by pets and owners alike while those of us looking on wished we were the dogs.

So far no cats have been brave enough to come. Maybe it is best with all the dogs.

More activities and presentations on scheduled for Sunday.
Hope to see you there!

Festival of Wellness for Pets & People.
Saturday and Sunday, January 29-30 at the Paw Zone in Louisville (corner of Spring and Mellwood – across from the Moby Dick). Hours are 11-5 both Saturday and Sunday.
$5 to get in, $3 if you bring a donation to the pet food bank. Children under 13 and pets get free admission! Animals are welcome!
Coordinator for the Festival: Letha Cupp, Creative Pet Projects, llc

Mollie Yunker
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner (for pets and people)
complementary & alternative health blog writer

Let the Healing Begin!

white dog on leash

Posing at the Pet Festival

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