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Non-Profits for Profits

You don’t have to grow a small business alone in Louisville, KY–in my opinion it would be foolish to think that you can do everything alone, especially when you don’t have to.  Last Fall I discovered two hidden gems in Opportunity City both of which are extraordinarily special in regards to what they do for our community and what they can do for you.  These two facilities that I speak of are Custom Quality Services and Harbor House. Custom Quality Services is a 180,000 sq. ft. behemoth facility located in the Portland neighborhood of Louisville, KY.  You’ll need a golf…

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Wienies at JCPS, and a Quote Machine Retires

Now that I’m getting back in the groove of blogging, I’m starting to hear some interesting little tidbits about some of you people. Don’t forget there’s a link on the left to send me ideas, and you can always reach me on Facebook.  So here’s what I’m hearing: When Did JCPS Hire the Wienies?: There was absolutely no reason for JCPS to call off school yesterday.  It is a pain for parents. The snow barely covered the ground. Blame JCPS Transportation Director Rick Caple.  The fear of screwing up seems to guide the decision-making process. Cox and Fox: If you…

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Wayne’s World is All About Local People

Wayne Perkey, a long-time media institution in Louisville, has a new television show that begins airing next week. Perkey, long-time morning show host at WHAS Radio and a pitchman for plenty of local businesses, told me that the new project allows him to interview interesting people he’s met. There will be 3 interviews in each half-hour show, leading off with sculptor Ed Hamilton. The first show also has Baptist HealthCare president Sue Tamme and Dr. Joe Fowler, a dermatologist who owns a farm and puts together horse syndicates. The show premiers Monday at 10 p.m. on WKYI-TV. That’s the rejuvenated…

Reading Redding

I’d like to start by thanking Rick Redding for making this site possible. It should prove to be a win-win for contributors and visitors alike. Both will find they have a voice and probably none of it vile. I enjoyed posting on WLKY’s Local Voices in the last months of 2010. Rick gave me the space and freedom to meander  or rant through my daily tribulations or share  serendipitous moments from a bar in my Unstable Table theme. Rick’s concern for and celebration of Metro Louisville is inspiring. Starting out as a fan of his writing on The ‘Ville Voice,…

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He Did Not Win!

The events in Tucson last weekend were horrible. It was scary, terrible, awful and unforgivable. No matter how bad it was though Jared Loughner did not win.  Yes, he shot and killed people. Yes, people suffered and died. But he didn’t win. He didn’t win because there were brave people who stood up to him and stopped him from killing or hurting more than he did. As he tried to reload, one of the victims wounded by gunfire approached him and wrestled the clip away. He didn’t win because two other people tackled him and others sat on him to…

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Politics and People, in Louisville.

I’m terrible at writing introductory posts, so let’s just get down to business, shall we? You may know me from Local Voices or A Bookish Beemer, my personal political, and yes, feminist blog. If you’re web-jumping from there to here, welcome. If you have no idea who I am, that’s alright. If you plan on becoming a regular here, I’m sure we’ll get to know one another. In fact, I’m looking forward to it. Let me just explain my writing style, my ground rules on engaging online, and of course, what I’ll be writing about. I’m a civil kind of…

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Knocks on Kentucky Keep Coming

The Louisville Sports Commission announced that Stanford’s Owen Marecic, a two-way player for one of the nation’s top teams, won the first Paul Hornung Award honoring the nation’s most versatile college football player.  While I haven’t seen Stanford play, he certainly seems to deserve the honor. Folks around here, though, surely were wishing that Kentucky’s Randall Cobb would pick up the new trophy.  Cobb set a record during Saturday’s BVAA Compass Bowl for the most career all-purpose yards in Southeastern Conference history.  Cobb was the model the award seemed designed for — an all-purpose back who ran back kicks, started…

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Tandy on the, The Pulse of the City …welcome!

Welcome to the new Home of the Tandy on the Town Blog! ( new name? working on it…)

Excited and happy to join such an esteemed group of Louisvillians talking about all things, well, Louisville!

Follow me and we will chat about Louisville Life, from happenings to personal takes on news, opinions from comrades and much , much more. We like to keep a fun, unique spin on whats going on in the world we live in here in River City!

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A New Beginning

New beginning is what we need now more than ever. Not just this site, but all over the country. With the recent Arizona shootings, I’m reminded once again how much we need to cool the vitriol and heated political rhetoric on all side of politics. Free speech make sour country great, but knowing how to use it wisely seems to have fallen on deaf ears in recent months. Whether the alleged shooter is a right wing nutjob, a liberal wack job or a middle-of-the-roader who just snapped, you can be sure he was somehow, someplace, and a t some time…