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Siva’s The Reason for Cards’ Surge

The Cardinal faithful were right to be excited when Peyton Siva signed on to the Pitino Train. He has the potential to be the prolific point guard the Cardinals have been seeking for years.  Sure, Edgar Sosa showed flashes of greatness against Texas A&M in the NCAAs his freshman year. He hit “The Dagger” against UK.  He never panned out and he was worse off because of his early success. Siva came into a system that he understood and got some mentoring from Sosa.  Yet Siva frequently tried to show off or attempt something unnecessary. Flash forward to this season. In…

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Louisville Bike Move

It’s about 1.4 miles from from the home they rented on Camp Street to the one they just bought on Fetter Ave., but the miles aren’t the problem when moving locally. It’s all about renting or hiring a truck and crew, loading and unloading the truck, and sifting through the endless odds and ends. Beat me with a rubber hose first! I hate everything about moving. Don’t ask me to help – unless you’re doing it by bicycle. When Andy Dyson and Moira O’Keefe moved to Louisville from Philadelphia last year they rented and easily filled a 26-ft. truck. They…

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Lost Dog in Anchorage

Spotted these signs going up this morning all over the Anchorage/Owl Creek area. Although this doggie may well still be lingering in that territory, even a small dog can walk several miles in a short time – so I urge folks in Middletown, Lyndon, Hurstbourne and Jeffersontown to keep their eyes peeled for this pup. The number listed on the poster is 931-5546. Get on it, my fellow pet detectives.

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The Biggest Game in Town

Last night, more people got their entertainment from a women’s college basketball game than from anything else going on in Louisville. 15,601. It was only the third largest crowd of the season for the Lady Cards, but remarkable because it wasn’t the opposition that attracted the crowd — Not Tennessee, not Kentucky, not Connecticut — but merely one of the top-tier squads in the Big East, Rutgers. The Knights, 5-1 in the league, kept it close until midway through the 2nd half, when U of L pulled away with a 17-0 run, winning 56-45. The Cards are now 5-3 in…

Pet & People Festival

Today was the first of a two day unique event providing information, services and products for pets and people. Even the snacks were designed for pets and people to share. There was a great training demonstration using a “clicker”. The trainer was focused on reinforcing the behavior she wanted while ignoring the rest. This method eliminates the yelling and tugging. The dog was doing amazing activities like playing on and with a skateboard in a short amount of time. A pet massage was also demonstrated and experienced by pets and owners alike while those of us looking on wished we…

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Late Breaking (WFPL) News Director! Gabe Bullard

Congratulations are in order for Gabe Bullard. My Highlands neighbor and go-to news guy in the radio-blog realm…and one hell of a gentleman. With the listing made public in the fall of 2010, the challenge for WFPL to fill the News Director slot took its time to wind down. I can see why the search was tough and I can’t imagine one resume hitting all the points and plugs but I have to wonder what went on as the answer was dwelling right under their roof. Ah, business. Just after reaching the three-year mark  of blogging the news in The…

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Legislating An Election? Maybe!

 Now that we know Governor Steve Beshear will not be facing an opponent in the Democratic primary, it will be interesting, (and no doubt entertaining), to sit back and watch the annual State Of the Commonwealth Speech coming up when the General Assembly returns to Frankfort next week. I expect Beshear will attempt to create the illusion that he’s got just as ambitious an agenda as David Williams. The trouble with that scenario is that the GOP Senate President from Burkesville, has already managed to push most of his own agenda through the Senate. Williams is also running for Governor…

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Mom Needs a Nap, Why Don’t My Twins?

Luke and Max are 18 months old now.  It’s about that time when the morning nap becomes a pleasant memory.  But i’m not ready and it seems they aren’t either.  I’ve tried it.  They are so grumpy from the hours of 10 a.m. to noon because they’re tired.  So I scrap the plan to scrap the nap and decide to keep it going.  Then decide not to nap. As I type this the boys are in their cribs for their afternoon nap.  They’ve been up there for more than an hour and neither has slept yet.  Not a wink.  First…

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TV Spot for Mint Jubilee

Feeling Derby? Click on this link to see the spot:  Mint PSA 001-MPEG-4 800Kbps Hey, it’s almost February. Which means Derby season can’t be far behind. This year, the Mint Jubilee will be held Derby Eve at the Louisville Palace. It’s going to be different, thanks to the involvement of the original founders Matt Battaglia, and Chris and Tom Thieneman. The Derby Eve party will feature plenty of new frills. Take a look at this TV spot, produced by Battaglia, the former U of L football All-American who is now a Hollywood producer.

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Parents Want it Both Ways

So we waited all this time for the so-called experts (definition: somebody from out of town) to tell us what we already knew about parents’ attitudes toward the JCPS’ student-assignment plan — parents want diversity, as long as it doesn’t affect what school their kid attends. They want the freedom to choose neighborhood schools and they sure as hell don’t want their kids spending an hour or more each way on a bus. TV stations have been doing meaningless polls that show the same overwhelming sentiment. Now that the expert from California, Gary Orfield, has spent 2 months doing a…


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