Stopping Foreclosures in Louisville

Oh how we wish we could have helped Janeen Jones who’s the subject of a new story in the Courier Journal. “Louisville foreclosures up again in 2010; might be easing this year” was published n the CJ 1/13/2011. It’s a good read with good information about Janeen and thousands of people in her situation who are going (or have been) through the foreclosure process. But the story leaves out some very important facts that homeowners need to know. Don’t blame CJ writer Chris Otts for missing the key facts about foreclosure because it’s a problem missed by most of the…

All Ears for Ten Years!

If you live in or near Kentucky and have ever drawn a crowd in a club or on a sidewalk; recorded a song with a passionate degree of writing and performing talent–chances are you have played Kentucky Homefront. If your music inspired a standing ovation or caused dancing in the aisles, you’ve been back a few times. If you enjoy the history and preservation of the indigenous music of the mid-south and Appalachian regions of our country–from Irish folk to High Lonesome Bluegrass,  honky tonk to folk-pop, dulcimers to drums–then you’ve been part of the live audience as Kentucky Homefront…

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Dood, where’s Louisville’s bike station?

Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come, said Victor Hugo. Nothing, maybe, except inertia. When former Louisville Mayor Jerry Abramson saw Chicago’s bike station at Millennium Park, a few years back, he decided Louisville should have something like it. He was absolutely correct. There are lots of great reasons every city should have facilities for cyclists who want to commute to work. I don’t have space here to begin listing all those advantages. They’re thoroughly documented around the world. Yet the Louisville bike station plan seems to have stalled. Most recently our proposed  station is pitched…

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Hi There!

If Rick Redding’s Little Bo Peep, I’m quickly becoming one of his sheep.  After writing under his tutelage at another online organization he’s enticed me to come back for more. I am pretty sure it’s the large paycheck that lured me.  For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Abby Miller, the former WLKY Morning Show Anchor.  I was proud to be a member of a fabulous morning show team that netted the only First Place distinction in that time slot in the station’s history.  It’s a feat that’s not been repeated since I left in September 2008.  I’ve…

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Finishing Week 1 with a Flashing

Friday. Friday. Friday. Wrapping up week one in the life of, and we’re continuing to make improvements here. Watch for some exciting new writers coming on board. Yesterday, for example, I spoke with Steve Paradis, who has some great insight into the sustainability movement for food and owns Fresh Start Growers Supply downtown. You can also expect a first post soon from former WLKY morning anchor Abby Miller, whose posts about family life and media were hugely popular back when we worked together at another place I can’t mention. So keep coming back, we’re always coming up with something…

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Learning to Walk Again

Why, as soon as you get your motor vehicle operators license, do your legs become alternative transportation? It may be time to learn to walk again.

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Passport: Slow Progress, but Progress

The link below takes you to a letter from the interim CEO of Passport Health Care, Mark Carter, to the state auditor, outlining the steps he’s taken to get the troubled agency back on track after a scathing audit last fall. Carter, I know, is doing his best. The job, however, is monumental. There have been personnel changes — at least the two VPs with the caviar tastes, who took resort vacations, spent lavishly on meals and ordered limos on company expense, were finally fired. They got rid of chairman and CEO Larry Cook. No longer is money being wasted…

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Today’s Least Surprising Lead Story

So Randall Cobb is leaving the University of Kentucky to play professional football. I’ve never criticized a college student for leaving school early to take a good job. And whether Cobb does well or not in the pros, he’s leaving behind a Kentucky football program not likely to improve on its dismal 6-7 record and lopsided bowl game loss this season. The only surprising aspect of the story is that Cobb, who is from Alcoa, Tenn., was emotional about leaving UK.  He set the SEC record this season with 2,396 all-purpose yards and accounted for 16 touchdowns four different ways….

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‘Hornet’ May Not See a Lot of ‘Green’

There’s a reason this was released in January… Starring Seth Rogen, Jay Chou, Cameron Diaz, Edward James Olmos, Christoph Waltz, and Tom Wilkinson. Directed by Michael Gondry Ouch. This one was near painful. For those not in the know, “The Green Hornet” was an old-time radio show that ran from 1936-1952 and started a string of serials (old time short movies) as well as a 1966 TV series that starred Bruce Lee as Kato, the assistant to crime-fighting newspaper publisher Britt Reid. That’s as much as this movie has to do with the original storyline. Seth Rogen is Britt Reid,…

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Sex, Money or Both?

Goooood Morning! Yesterday some members of the got together at Browning’s Restaurant downtown to talk about the launch of this site. We’ve got some big ideas, so stay tuned. About Last Night:  It was nice to see U of L get to play on real TV last night on ESPN2.  Don’t know about you, but I’m not getting ESPNU just to watch these games, and the watching experience online doesn’t cut it. Now that the Big East has started, let’s hope that nonsense is over. This Cards’ team is fun to watch, but as was evidenced last night against…