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Now It’s Time For Real Politics

The 2011 primary election has finally come and gone, with no real surprises. save for the totally unexpected strength of GOP gubernatorial candidate Phil Moffett. The choice of Kentucky Tea Partiers, Moffett was extremely strong in losing to Senate President David Williams. So strong that he beat Williams in Fayette and Jefferson counties-only the two largest population centers in the commonwealth. That begs this question. Will Moffett support and endorse Williams, and what will that endorsement cost the Burkesville strongman? Moffett has said he would endorse the winner of the primary, but would not promise his tea party folks would…

“It’s the Environment, Stupid”

We all remember the Clintons and “It’s the Economy, Stupid”… and now many people have tuned in to understanding that everything, even the economy, is the environment. Let’s take this all a step sideways – because as you know I write about health and wellness – and understand how belief systems ARE the environment. Dr Bruce Lipton, biologist, quantum physicist and best selling author, explores the concept of beliefs factoring into biology in a way we pedestrians can understand in “The Biology of Belief”. He has since written the book “Spontaneous Evolution”. While I haven’t read it yet, the Q&A at…

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You heard it first at

A close source from the Kimberly Greenwell camp has confirmed that Ms. Greenwell is anticipating running again on the democratic ticket..but are being tight lipped about what office she will run for next. If you recall she ran against Ron Crimm in the heavily Republic 33rd district in Louisville KY and lost. But she came closer to winning that district than any democrat in a long time. Greenwell  raised considerably more funds than Crimm and public records show that she raised considerably more than many down ticket candidates across the Commonwealth. Investigating closer I notice that Greenwell seems to be…

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And No Drinking til 6

I don’t really like this new weather guy at Fox41. Ever since Jude Redfield’s been on the air, the weather has sucked.  Some Paul Emmick fans started a Facebook group “Keep Paul Emmick on Fox 41 News.” But only 40 people joined. Bueno Bocaditos : The popular Seviche restaurant on Bardstown Road in the Highlands will close Sunday, but that’s a good thing for fans of Chef Anthony Lamas’ Latino cuisine.  For four weeks, workers will be busy expanding into the old ear-x-tacy space next door, creating an additional 30 seats, a new lounge and bar, and there are 40…

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Raising (not razing), a Toast to Whiskey Row

  United we stand. Divided we fall. Right? A week has gone by since the announcement of the rescue and rebirth of Whiskey Row. In a photo-op that featured city and business leaders speaking of history, beauty and honor against the backdrop of architecture ravaged by neglect, the elements and finance, we witnessed the team that stood between the wrecking ball and a chance to show the world what a grand entrance one can make into Louisville,   It was a day of saving face in more ways than one. Peeled from the release distributed by Brown-Wilson Ventures–– The deal…

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Speed Plan features Trees and Green

Armed with a slide show and a movie, and some compelling facts, Dr. Charles Venable told a group of about 40 at the Breakfast of Champions meeting this morning that the Speed Museum has a goal of reducing asphalt and creating an Olmsted Park-like setting around the facility. Venable, the Speed’s director and CEO, showed a movie with images of a picturesque new look for the Museum, as imagined after a planned $79 million overhaul that will take at least a decade to complete.  Here it is: These things do take time, however. Venable said this plan was first proposed…

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Good Speed and Drunk Monkeys in Louisville

Just finishing up a great weekend, capped off by a fascinating talk by Charles Venable this morning at the Breakfast of Champions about the way the Speed Museum’s grounds are going to look in about a decade. I’ll write something about that shortly, but now, the news: Sports and the Future: I really wish I could go to this. Tonight in the Churchill Downs press box there’s a forum on the future of sports journalism with a high-powered panel — ESPN’s Pat Forde, the C-J’s Rick Bozich, Kent Taylor of WAVE and John Asher of Churchill Downs.  It starts at…

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Packing Tips from a Seasoned Traveler.

Prepare yourself for some fun blog-reading over the next few weeks. There’s been all kinds of boring and stressful stuff going on, which I won’t bore you with here. Instead, get ready for some crazy Scottish adventures. I’m talking Highland cows, vegetarian haggis, late-night lock-ins at the pub, and ancient ruins. In between all that, some fun gigs. Today I’m trying to focus on packing. Packing lightly is the key here, for many reasons. Primarily, it’s because the airlines now charge like crazy for a checked bag, and we’ve already got guitars, accordions, mandolins, and merchandise to bring. Then there’s…

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Bike Week Reminder: Bicycles Rule Worldwide! Two to One!

Damn, those Danes are stylin’! Just take a look at Cycle Chic, a Website with a bold tagline: “Hold my bicycle while I kiss your girlfriend … The Original. Bringing Sexy Back Since 2006.”

In Freiburg, Germany, 70 percent of local trips are made by bike or public transit or on foot thanks to regular, annual investments in bicycling infrastructure dating back to 1976.

In Australia, the state of Victoria, which is home to Melbourne, the country’s second largest city, amended planning laws to require all new large buildings to provide bike parking and other facilities such as lockers and showers.

New York City and Chicago have proved that even northern-tier American cities can become walkable and bike-friendly when they make the investment. In Washington, D.C. you can ride your bike straight down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue on a bike boulevard!

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Aston Kutcher- Winning?

The big entertainment news this week is the announcement that Ashton Kutcher will replace Charlie Sheen on “Two and a half Men.” CBS and Warner Brothers are optimistic about the future of the show and Charlie Sheen, as you would expect, is claiming victory and predicting the early demise of the show. CBS has every reason to be optimistic. If the old adage is true that all publicity is good publicity, the show has banked billions of dollars of free pub. Beyond that, Ashton Kutcher is a big star who is one of the most media savvy in Hollywood.  He…