Oh Baby! Gossipy Louisville People News

An occasional departure as we slip into National Enquirer mode:

Loving On Melissa: A magazine called Southern Indiana Living got things mostly right in a puffy profile of WHAS-TV’s Melissa Swan, who must hate it that the mag reveals her age (54) and calls her a local legend.

Ashley Judd's book chronicles her diffcult childhood and causes

A Book We Want to Read: Because we love Ashley Judd.  The Kentucky-born actress releases a memoir next month, “All That is Bitter and Sweet” which is advertised as mainly about the UK grad’s charity work.  So no photos from Rupp Arena, though John Calipari is among those singing its praises.

English Patient: Metro Government spokesperson Lindsay English gave birth to Eloise Hope yesterday afternoon, and the family is reportedly doing well.  It’s not true she was required to have her baby after snow season.

A Woman We Love (to Make Fun of): Karen Sypher has convinced her attorneys to file an appeal asking that she be allowed to stay out of jail while her appeal is pending, which would be an unusually generous move by the court. Wonder how she’s paying those legal fees?

How’d Aaron Yarmuth Get in This Post: The Congressman’s son is volunteering to head up Communications for the local Democratic Party, and as his first act is asking you for money.

Crime Scene: Here’s a kinda strange report from WLKY’s Eric King on a crazy couple’s scheme to steal DVD’s from Wal-mart. Why did he stop in the middle of the Sherman-Minton to do the video?

This Kid Knows His Local Media: