Now Available – My Place on Airbnb

Since I’ve moved back to Jeffersontown, I’ve really embraced technology.

Not that I hadn’t before. I remember pushing my bosses at Business First in the ’90s for email and Internet access. I was among the first full-time bloggers in town. I know how to work a DVR. I’ve discovered what Bluetooth is all about. I’ve acquired a Kindle.  Groupon is my most frequently used app for green fees. And I’ve been ordering everything from underwear to peanut butter online through Amazon Prime.

Still, I was skeptical a few months back when I heard Taylor Trusty of Blackstone Media mention Airbnb at a Breakfast of Champions presentation and in a Rusty Satellite Show interview. The idea is that travelers, when given a choice between renting a hotel room or a private residence, just might choose somebody’s house. It seems to be catching on, as evidence by the $475 million the company just venture capital.

compressedHome3706So when I moved last month into a “Cozy Cottage in J-town“, I decided to try it. I listed my place August 3, so there’s been no response so far, no last-minute PGA Championship visitor desperate for a place to stay. But I’m not expecting miracles.

I’ve got a place to go if and when somebody wants to stay here, and I figure I can be a very helpful host when it comes to directing guests around the city. I don’t have any of those “I don’t want anybody touching my stuff” feelings, so letting some stranger, who’s paying, stay there seems a nice way to make a little cash.

I’ll let you know how it goes. And if you have out-of-towners coming in, check out my house on Airbnb.


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