No Fear, Fire Up The Thunder

OK. I’m a little bit worried.


Let’s hope the only fireworks are in the sky

I keep running into people, coming across social media posts, that indicates to me a lot of people are staying home for Thunder Saturday.  The message I’d like the community to send is that we’re not giving up our riverfront, Waterfront Park or downtown to criminals.

In the last few days, it’s become known that youth gangs were responsible for the March 22 violence, and that the culture that exists within that culture isn’t extinguished by putting more cops on the street or having meetings in the West End. This memo, written by an FBI agent, claims a gang known as YNO is behind the problem. Here’s the scariest part — as part of the group’s initiation, members may be “required to assault someone” and that assault may or may not be random in nature.

I think the only citizens who don’t have a little fear are the ones who haven’t read the memo. No one wants to risk running into a young gang member on a mission to hurt somebody. People are talking about it, and the media is quick to highlight citizen fear in news stories.  We’re used to fear tactics from the media related to weather, but this is something entirely different.

That all this is happening now is tragic for the city. There’s a perfect Thunder forecast for the 25th anniversary. It will/should be a perfect day to mark the opening of the Derby Festival. I’m hopeful it will be, but no one can be sure there won’t be problems.

So there’s the 25th anniversary of Thunder. I talked to Wayne Hettinger for this week’s Rusty Satellite Show, and it’s worth listening to, especially if you want to get a little fired up for the show. Wayne does not lack for enthusiasm, and I’m anxious just to hear the soundtrack of songs — one from each of the 24 previous Thunders.

My other guest is Tom Williams, who is the point man for another extremely positive movement in town — the one for compassion.  So download the show and let me know what you think.




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