No End in Sight for (Judy) Green News

No paper today? For you folks still getting the actual newspaper delivered to your home, that technology apparently failed again today. So you might as well go online for your news.Here’s some:

Judy Green's excuse-fest with the C-J

More Heat For Green: One noteworthy story in today’s paper details how Judy Green is getting some more heat, this time from Councilman Jim King, who wants the Ethics Commission to expand its investigation. Green tells the C-J that the allegation of accepting a bribe is no big deal because it’s all been investigated already. She doesn’t realize that people are upset because of the findings in the investigation.I don’t think she’s smart enough to realize that she’s done something illegal.

It’s scarily reminiscent of the way Karen Sypher foolishly believed that trying to extort millions for a sexual encounter with a famous coach was, well, OK, because she needed the money.

But know this — no matter how much pressure she gets, Green won’t resign. She obviously needs the $42K salary.

She does an on-camera interview with Dan Klepal, trying to explain herself. But it’s not convincing. She’s adamant that all 12 people accused of being related to her who were hired for the Green Team fiasco is too high of a total, and that all of them who were related were legitimately hired. She says eight of them were related in some way, which I guess she thinks makes it OK. The question is becoming: Who will Green take down with her? The story will not be going away anytime soon.

A Little Mayo With That Session: Check out our own Al Mayo’s assessment of the shenanigans perpetrated on us taxpayers by the boys and girls in Frankfort.

Making it Classy: Check out the Anchorman references in this WHAS-TV sportscast. Apparently the WHAS sports guys accepted a challenge from Tony Vanetti to slip them into the sportscast, and Matt Hobbs and Adam Lefkoe got a little carried away. Or have watched Ron Burgundy a few too many times.

Also on 11: Those two anchormen will be going on the road soon to follow college basketball, so Andy Treinen volunteered to anchor sports while they’re away.  It’s really the only time of year that any station sends any personnel on real road trips for any reason — it will be interesting to see the choices stations make on following teams in the NCAAs. We’ll know all those destinations for the Cards and Cats on Sunday.

Me and Joe: Tune in to Joe Elliott’s radio show today at 2. I’ll be Joe’s guest, talking about local TV and well, just maybe, Judy Green.

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