NASCAR And Casinos Could Mix-In Kentucky?

Earlier this month a new Hollywood Casino opened in Kansas. That event alone isn’t very interesting, but the location is. The new gaming palace overlooks turn two of Kansas Speedway. This interests me for several reasons. First of all, I’ve never heard of auto racing and casinos mixing unless it happens in Monte Carlo. Next, I’m intrigued that the subject hasn’t come up here in Kentucky—yet.

With new proposed gaming legislation allowing up to seven casinos across the commonwealth, is it possible we could see one at Kentucky Speedway? I really don’t know because I don’t think the question has been asked yet. It makes a lot of sense because the speedway is centrally located, and after parking and road upgrades could handle any casino crowd. The only caveat causing trouble would be the 60 mile distance from any existing gaming. But think about this. Leave Lexington out of the mix for a casino, and put the casino in the speedway. Close enough to draw from Lexington, Cincinnati and Louisville. Now this would also knock out Turfway Park if the 60 mile limit is maintained, but there are such thing as waivers that could certainly make it possible.

I just hope someone asks if this is even possible. Might be fun to hear politicians and other folks try to stammer out answers.

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  1. Terry Meiners asked Steve Beshear that exact question on WHAS on Wednesday. They would allow a total of 7 casinos with 5 being at existing horse tracks and 2 free standing. The free standing ones would have to be outside of a 60 mile radius of the horse tracks. Terry asked if KY Speedway would be a suitable location and Beshear said he hadn’t looked at it but told Terry to look and see if it would be outside that distance. Churchill would be outside that distance but Turfway Park is only 35 miles.

  2. It would not be outside the 60 mile distance from Turfway, but if Turfway is left out of the casino mix and a casino goes to Thunder Ridge in Prestonsburg, it frees a casino location for Kentucky Spedway and Thunder Ridge could cover the Eastern Kentucky gamblers. Turfway won’t be happy, but it’s possible they could share the license with the speedway. That’s been done for Keeneland and Red Mile with para-mutuel and racing licenses for years.

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