Mom Needs a Nap, Why Don’t My Twins?

Luke and Max are 18 months old now.  It’s about that time when the morning nap becomes a pleasant memory.  But i’m not ready and it seems they aren’t either.  I’ve tried it.  They are so grumpy from the hours of 10 a.m. to noon because they’re tired.  So I scrap the plan to scrap the nap and decide to keep it going.  Then decide not to nap.

As I type this the boys are in their cribs for their afternoon nap.  They’ve been up there for more than an hour and neither has slept yet.  Not a wink.  First they yell at each other across the room.  They jump up and down and make each other laugh.  Cute right?  But they aren’t sleeping.  And we’ll all pay for it later.  They will be bears for the rest of the evening.  I’ve read the books, the blogs, the articles and everyone has a different opinion as to when to ditch the nap and how long kids should sleep.  A recent study showed our kids aren’t getting enough sleep and that children who don’t get enough sleep can become obese.  So much of our kids’ successes are linked to sleep and yet here I am, unable to make my kids nap, and they’re too young to listen to reason.

I stand firm by keeping them in their cribs.  No television, no music, no toys.  Eventually they may nod off, but even so, it’s not enough of a nap to really make a difference.  I wish this blog offered pearls of wisdom but instead it’s the wisdom of others I seek.  How can I make my kids nap?  I really want to take a nap myself but it’s not in the cards.  Feel free to leave your ideas here….I’m pretty much at a loss.

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  1. Oh, Abby. I feel your pain. I didn’t have much trouble getting my two older boys down for naps when they were that age. But my daughter? ugh. She never wanted to nap. She hated the playpen. She hated the swing. She just wanted to be free and play and try to keep up with “the brothers.”
    I honestly believe some children just aren’t nappers. However, I do believe you are doing the right thing by standing firm on that block of time. Maybe it won’t be sleep for them, or you, but it does give you a block of time to regain YOUR sanity.
    I wish I could offer more help.

  2. Abby- Have you thought about compromising on the time? Instead of giving up the morning nap and keeping the afternoon one, how about migrating the morning into the afternoon. If they normally nap at 10, push that to 11 for about a week, then 11:30 and so on and so on until you have them with one nap at the time of your choosing… I am also certain you have thought about this but is there any way to separate them at nap time? Not having twins I have no idea if this is a cruel suggestion or if it is just not feasible! I feel your pain and hope you are able to get some rest yourself! 🙂

    • Separating them would be tough…their cribs aren’t the most portable things in the world. BUT….maybe it’s worth a try. i think they are “going through a stage” right now. I have tried sliding the nap so that the nap is at least shorter in the morning….they used to go up at 10 a.m. and now they go up around 11. trial and error i suppose. thanks for the help!!

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