Mabe’s “Prank it Forward” Series Helps Homeless with Pets

Tom Mabe is at it again. This time, he’s doing a prank for good. Mabe’s Prank it Forward series finds deserving people who are doing good work, and rewards them.

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Mabe was a guest on the Rusty Satellite Show recently.

This time, Mabe is helping Beth Green, who runs an organization called “My Dog Eats First.” It provides services to homeless members of our community who have pets. Its mission is to “provide free pet food, supplies, veterinary care and spay/neuter services for the pets of the underserved and homeless within our community. We provide the needed support in a judgement free environment for many low-income areas in Louisville, KY to help owners who desire to keep their pets.”

The site estimates that 5-10 percent of the 1.5 million homeless Americans have pets.

In this video, Mabe is able to end homelessness for a man and his dog, and get plenty of supplies donated to My Dog Eats First. Take a look at the “Homeless Dog Rescue” video:


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  1. i came across the video of people struggling being homeless and living with their pets. I have a story as well.

    I recently got mine back in July last year. Here’s where he was

    Now, how did we get there. Well I had a herniated disc which was causing severe sciatica. I lost my job, home, car, living in an suv with Gianni, and nowhere to go, I parked in an apartment complex in Reno Nv. I was inside my friends home at the time I saw a woman about to put a tow sticker on my car. I went and explained what was going on. It was November at the time and winter was starting. Well I went and spoke with her in her office, and she came back about an hour later with 80 lbs of dog food. Awesome. I know. I spent around 20+ hours laying in my vehicle unable to walk due to the pain. I only got out when my dog needed to go out and relieve himself. Needless to say we would spend enough time to get the job done then get back in the car. It went on like this for a few months, would go into a friends house and lay on their floor, have dinner, and then go back to the car with my dog. Later on I had became suicidal and was ready to give up… I let go, and I didn’t go. Somehow the right people came into my life. I got a place and some time to deal with welfare, and have a safe place to be. Then got my surgery, and later lost my vehicle/home and were left to walk the streets. I have not fully healed and still have reoccurring medical issues. So I make the decision and put him in the refuge. After that I was on my friends couch, then got s job, got into a car again, got a better, job, got a place to live and then got him out. Got a house of our own, and now we are starting a business. It’s rough. But I wanted to share my story.

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