Lyle Lovett and Some Louisville Love


Lyle Lovett has made Louisville a regular stop since 1987, and the show he played with his five-piece band at Iroquois Ampitheatre may have been the best yet.

Lovett told the 2,000 or so fans packing the Park that it was the last stop on the current acoustic tour. His band included just five other musicians. And while Lovett made sure that during the 2 1/2 hour show he played plenty of familiar tunes, he went out of his way to showcase the work of the band members. Once, Lovett left the stage so Luke Bulla, on violin, could play a solo tune. Keith Sewell’s mandolin and guitar were featured.

Of course, much of the show was laced with humor. Lovett’s exchange with cello player John Hagen was hilarious, as Hagen gave a series of one-word answers to questions about Hagen’s recollections of previous trips to Louisville. Hagen, at one point, said he remembered the bathrooms at what he thinks was the Galt House. ┬áHagen joined Lovett’s band in 1979, and the two show a genuine friendship.

When Lovett introduced drummer Russ Kunkel, who has toured with Jackson Browne, the band played a Browne song, Rosie, which was a high point in the show. Among the Lovett staples the band performed were If I Had a Boat, Cute as a Bug, My Baby Don’t Tolerate, Bears and of course That’s Right You’re Not from Texas.

Lovett made some jokes about how cold it was, but the venue was perfect for the show.

Here’s some photos from the show: