Louisville’s TechFest to explore Technology and Innovations in Healthcare


Louisville, Ky., – The Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK) will present its inaugural TechFest on Aug. 20-Aug. 21st at the Henry Clay Building and at the University of Louisville campuses.

The four “mini-tracks” of the conference include healthcare, leadership/management, internet of things/big data, and general IT/emerging tech.

The mini-track specific to healthcare will give a glimpse of the new horizons challenging the journey to optimal aging, and restorative practices in medicine and managing its compelling data, pointing at solutions.

The Health Enterprise Network (HEN), an affiliate of Greater Louisville Inc., and the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK), our local tech council, have partnered to bring an engaging intersection of healthcare IT, population health trajectories, and a forwarding scientist’s look at regenerative medicine.


At 9 AM, on Thursday, Aug. 20, Healthcare Keynote Dr. John Barker, MD, will kick off

Techfest Healthcare track with his session on “Regrowing Hands and Faces, The Final Frontier

in Reconstructive Surgery.” In 2010, Dr. Barker moved to Frankfurt, Germany from Louisville,

KY. At the JW Goethe University he established the Frankfurt Initiative for Regenerative

Medicine (FIRM). In Frankfurt, his research targets patients suffering with hand amputations

and severe facial disfigurement. His current research applies regenerative medicine and tissue

engineering approaches to regrowing limb and facial tissues. In Louisville, Dr. Barker is best

known for establishing and running Louisville’s first life-science business accelerator, MetaCyte

Business Labs. He also co-founded the Louisville-based, medical diagnostic device company,

Neuronetrix, Inc., and continues to serve as board chairman. In our Louisville market, he was

also a University of Louisville Professor of Surgery, Anatomy, and Immunology, where he

established the Plastic Surgery Research Laboratories and lead teams laying the scientific and

clinical foundation for landmark surgical treatments in hand and face transplantation.

At 10 AM on Aug. 20, Vipin Gopal, Enterprise Vice President for Clinical Analytics at Humana

(recently merged with Aetna), will speak on “The Analytics Revolution in Healthcare.”

At 11 AM on Aug. 20, Guy Mansueto, VP of Marketing for Phytel, a division of IBM, will speak

on “Today’s Technical Steps: Empowering Provider-Led Population Health Improvement.”

A free public event on Aug. 21 at 2PM will also be a part of the TechFest agenda for all those

interested. “Over 70 and Connected: Tech Tools That Work,” will focus on optimal aging with

Facilitator Joseph Steier from Signature HealthCARE coordinating discussion and example

mobile apps and software from: Joe Steier, President and CEO, Signature HealthCARE; Dr.

Anna Faul, Executive Director, Institute for Sustainable Health & Optimal Aging, University of

Louisville; John Reinhart, CEO of Innovate LTC; Dianne Timmering, Vice President of

Spirituality and Legislative Affairs, Signature HealthCARE; and Barbara Gordon, Director of

Social Services, KIPDA.

For more information on how to register and secure tickets, please go to: www.techfestlou.com

and go to pricing. Special discounts and combination packages are available through July 31.

$99 a day per person, including meals, are available for bulk pricing starting with a minimum of

10 tickets to corporations, via checks made out to TALK, or by Paypal or credit card online.

College student pricing is also available for per day rates, with a valid college ID presented at the

door. Through July 31, the individual attendee day rate is: $124 per person, including available

meals. The two-day rate with meals, per person, is $224. There is also special VIP luncheon

ticket available for a discussion of a youth Techtown model for Louisville with Speaker Paul

Cummings on Aug. 21 at 8UP in the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown for $35 per individual ticket.

Questions? Corporate checks can be mailed to: TALK Treasurer Norman Schippert at

Bluegrass.Net, 321 East Breckinridge Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40203. For general questions

on Techfest, email info@techfestlou.com.