LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: This is Not Going Well

photo by Bill Brymerphoto by Bill Brymer

As President-Elect, Donald Trump is today taking credit for something that was never going to happen — he tweeted that he was responsible for Ford not moving a plant from Kentucky to Mexico. He’s picked a known bigot as one of his top advisors. People around the country continue to hold protests. This isn’t going well, and it’s just getting started.

So we must look outside politics for good news — I played golf at Seneca in 70 degree weather on Nov. 17. It’s almost Thanksgiving.

Maybe a move to Thailand is in order. According to this video from my pal Chris Thieneman, things are well there, and you can get your fantasies fulfilled in every way.


Looks fun, right?

Rusty’s Loves: I had a great couple of podcasts this week. First, check out the Rusty Satellite Show’s interviews with Charla Young and Kasey Maier. I love stories about people who overcome adversity, or make a positive change in their lives. Charla told me about being so “broke, busted and disgusted” that she was ready to give up. Then her landlord in Frankfort paid some of screen-shot-2016-11-17-at-5-56-11-amher bills, and Charla’s confidence and sheer personality helped her build a TV show that was going to make her the next Oprah. But that didn’t work out, and she fell into a deep depression. Today she’s bounced back and heads an organization empowering women to succeed. It has offices in 50 cities, does multiple inspirational events and trips.

Kasey Maier was worried when she lost her job in banking. She had no interest in going back, so she went looking for a way to do something important. Fortunately, she found that the organization building the Waterfront Botanical Gardens needed help. Now she’s the Director of Program Development for the $50 million project, which has raised most of the $4.2 million it needs to break ground on an Education Center in the spring.

Hear them both on the show right here:

edt28danielsonIn the Track’s Kitchen: On EatDrinkTalk, I lucked into what is today a news story. Remembering going to Churchill Downs as a teen on Thanksgiving, I thought it would be interesting to talk with the Executive Chef, David Danielson. Turns out, he’s a busy man, and preparing Thanksgiving Dinner for 7,000 next week is just one of many tasks on his plate. Today Churchill announced a $37 million expansion project, but it’s also in the midst of re-designing the food court area in the grandstand, and Danielson is in charge of all the food. Take a listen:

News – Lynn’s, Angel’s, and Lola. We’ve also got some great stories on EDT this week — the Lynn’s Paradise Cafe property on Barrett has been sold to Martin’s BBQ, the Angel’s Envy distillery is open on Main Street, and the Lola Lounge is opening next week in Butchertown.  Check it out every day.

confederate monument statueMonumental Move: The city also announced that the notorious Confederate Monument in the middle of the U of L campus has a new home — they should be taking it down this weekend for a move to Brandenburg. The monument got a lot of publicity after some African-Americans, including Dr. Ricky Jones, said they felt the Civil War symbol to be racist. Mayor Fischer has been looking for a new home for it for months, and someone in Brandenburg stepped up. Good riddance!

Bobby Petrino. Photo by Bill Brymer

Bobby Petrino. Photo by Bill Brymer

Boo Hoo: And, OK, I should mention the big horrible story of the week — the football Cards fell hard at Houston, 36-10. After the boys on talk radio complained all week that the College Football Playoff rankings were unfair to U of L, Bobby Petrino’s team went out and proved they were right to leave us out of the top 4. The Cards made Houston look like the championship contenders, fumbling the opening kickoff, committing penalty after penalty and allowing the Cougar defense to sack Lamar Jackson 11 times.

Is sure makes next weekend’s matchup with Kentucky interesting, doesn’t it?


Lyft Your Spirits: Finally, I’m sharing this great Lyft video, because it’s kind of fun. Lyft has created a series of ads that go after Uber. They’re kind of fun, and also a reminder that you should definitely not make things worse by drinking and driving this week. You might even get me as your driver.

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