LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Thurby, Furby, Derby and Strange Tales of the Track


Happy Derby! So much to tell you, so much to do.

I spent much of Thursday driving for Uber and Lyft (click links for free rides), meeting out-of-towners from places like Utah and California, amazed at our trees and the fact that the kids are out of school for Oaks. Also, Churchill Downs hosted a wonderful media gathering, and the Oaks Eve Bash out at Woodhaven was a big success.  And here are some things I’m hearing:

Two Shot: Just my opinion, but when WAVE and WDRB sent out “News Alerts” yesterday that a shooting had occurred near the Pegasus Parade, with no additional details, it was irresponsible. Stations should get at least some detail before scaring viewers with vague reports.

Love, Faith, Joy. Photo by Bill Brymer

Love, Faith, Joy. Photo by Bill Brymer

Derby Cup Runneth Over: Collectors, and others, are pissed about the Derby Glass controversy. No doubt to save money, the track ordered its 70,000 Derby glasses from a new vendor our of Turkey. But the paint on the glasses chips easily.  For now, if you get home with a Derby glass, don’t put it in the dishwasher.

Faith, Joy, Love: I met the coolest sisters, and their Mom, at a house in Old Louisville. The Yascone sisters – Faith, Joy and Love – operate vacation rentals around town and hosted a celebrity, Star Jones, as part of their association with the National Association of Professional Women. I had a wildly entertaining interview with them on the Rusty Satellite Show. Listen to the podcast here:




Mohayman. Photo by Bill Brymer

My Derby Picks: After two trips to the backside and chatting up people who get paid to know, my pick for the Derby is. . . Exaggerator.  Bill Doolittle, your reputation is one the line. I also like suddenbreakingnews and Mohaymen. For fun, I’ll be betting 7 & 3 (Oscar Nominated and Creator) and 10 for Luke (Whitmore).

Also, Buy the Book: Doolittle’s Kentucky Derby Book is the must-buy for your Derby guests.

Here’s Hoping It’s Green and White: Metro government announced a new Derby tradition. The lights on the Big Four Bridge will glow in the winning colors of the Derby winner. Exaggerator’s colors are green and white.

A Cause That’s Weird, Go DMACC: The owners of Brody’s Cause, morning line odds of 12-1, announced that if the horse wins, the $500,000 purse will be donated to DMACC. That’s right, there are plenty of Brody’s Cause fans at Des Moines Area Community College.

Here’s The Story: Just in time, the Story Avenue on-ramp to Interstate 64 is open for business.

Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 8.30.14 AM

Ohio River Bridges Project Photo

Join Us For Breakfast: Renowned pianist Harry Pickens has plenty to see about being your true authentic self and overcoming fear of things, like stage fright. Come hear him talk about it at the Breakfast of Champions on Tuesday.

It’s gonna be a hot one — See you at the Track.

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