LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Eating, Drinking and Talking About What the Hell is Going On


Welcome in to THE WEEK here at LouisvilleKY.com. We had a Slushie, or two, at the Cocktails with Champions at 3rd Turn Brewery, along with 120 of our close friends. I had a couple before they ran out, and was glad to help raise a little money for the Bike MS event (which I’ve promised to ride in) coming up in June. And I celebrated the 150th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show with newly-elected Brandon Coan and Heine Bros. chief Mike Mays.

Here’s a bunch of other cool news items:

Eat. Drink. Listen:  Our new website, and podcast, is up and running and already brimming with dining and drinking news that you’re going to want to know about. In just the 2nd podcast, Steve Coomes and I talk about the closing of the Bristol in Prospect and rumors of what’s going in there next. And we’ve got some real scoops on the menu next week.

When Buck’s Sucked: Listen for Steve’s story about an unfortunate incident with Buck’s in Old Louisville. But now there’s a new chef and we’re fired up for a five-course dinner there next Tuesday, May 24. You can sign up to join us.

Chris Thieneman

Chris Thieneman

Another Good Day in court:  According to a Facebook post from Chris Thieneman, that conviction you read about here a few weeks back (on a wanton endangerment charge) has been dropped. Here’s what Chris wrote in social media Friday: I just left the court room where the prosecutor DROPPED the felony charge against me. Remember I told everyone the it was a totally unwarranted charge and the prosecutor proved it by dismissing.

Airbnb Advice for the Metro Council: I had my first Courier-Journal byline this week for co-authoring an editorial explaining to local politicians the reasons they should reconsider new regulations for home-sharing owners like me. It’s a challenging issue, best left alone, if you ask us.

Councilman-elect Brandon Coan with his wife Summer Auerbach

Councilman-elect Brandon Coan with his wife Summer Auerbach

And A New Face in District 8: At about 6 Tuesday night, a growing crowd of millennials gathered around the Monkey Wrench to see whether Brandon Coan would win the Highlands Metro Council seat. To the crowd’s delight, he won the election by 116 votes, upsetting the better-financed campaign of philanthropist Stephen Reily.  Listen to Coan’s comments recorded the next day for the Rusty Satellite Show.

Winners and Losers: The new District 4 Metro Council seat, covering much of downtown and Portland, will be the domain of the energetic Barbara Sexton Smith, who appeared recently on the Rusty show. And in a state House race, voters rejected District 21 Council member Dan Johnson, who has 2 years left on his final term there.

Buy Local Here: I had a chance to talk with Jennifer Rubenstein of the Louisville Independent Business Alliance (the people who brought you Keep Louisville Weird) about the Buy Local Fair at the Water Tower this weekend. Hundreds of local businesses will set up booths, and there will be plenty of food, drink and music.

What the Hell is Going On?: That’s the title of my favorite Paul Thorn song, and my musical hero and his band are on the bill for the Waterfront Wednesday show at Waterfront Park next week. Join me.

Is Chocolate Sexy? Maybe. Paul Tuell, founder of Ballotin Whiskey, talks about the endorphins that get released with chocolate, and why he paired it with whiskey to create Ballotin. Hear about the marketing strategy and how to build a new brand in beverages on the EatDrinkTalk podcast.

Mike Mays at the Frankfort Avenue Heine Bros. Photo by Bill Brymer

Mike Mays at the Frankfort Avenue Heine Bros. Photo by Bill Brymer

Go West With Heine: This may be the best news yet for the re-birth of Portland for area business leaders. In my Rusty Satellite interview with Heine Bros. exec Mike Mays, he talks about how the company’s new facility there could tie in with the westward extension of Waterfront Park, which could create demand for a new coffee shop there.

Preakness Pick: No one is betting against Nyquist in Saturday’s Preakness from Baltimore, where it’s supposed to rain, which will put some bettors on the 2nd-place Derby finisher, Exaggerator.

Gun Nuts, and Republicans, in Town: Donald Trump is speaking here tonight, and thousands of folks who think any modest proposal for regulation on guns by our government is the first step toward “Obama’s Taking our Guns” will be in town. Read Aaron Yarmuth’s piece on the whole shebang here.

Oh, that Great Picture: At the top of the post is from Castle and Key in Woodford County, an idyllic setting for a distillery and tourist attraction. Go back and listen to my interview with Marianne Barnes in the first EDT podcast.





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