LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Statue’s Limitations, Suddenbreakingnews, Jokes and Parties

Photo from Churchill Down's Facebook pagePhoto from Churchill Down's Facebook page

As John Asher might tell you, it’s just eight days until the 142nd Run for the Roses, and we’ve already begun to celebrate. Here’s what’s worth paying attention to.

AsherRRKentucky Name Drops: Exaggerator. Suddenbreakingnews. Nyquist. Creator. Mohaymen. To have some proper Derby conversations, learn that these are names of horses who will likely be in the Derby. 20 will start. Nyquist is the undefeated favorite. Buy a Racing form, or ask anyone for their opinion, if you want to know more. And listen to my interview with John Asher on the Rusty Satellite Show.

No Joke – the Mark and Bob Show: On the above-mentioned podcast, you’ll hear some jokes from Mark Klein and Bob Batch, playing all weekend at the Laughing Derby at the Comedy Caravan.  Stumble in from Bardstown Road for a show that’s hilarious, clean and stars long-time locals.

Art of the Squeals: I’ll see you at Churchill Downs Saturday, where the evening will celebrate and raise money for Louisville’s arts community as part of Churchill Downs’ partnership with Fund for the Arts. That means that musicians, artists and the like will be performing all around the Spires.

If you were writing about our city’s charms. . . what would you feature? NY Times writer Elaine Glusac had 36 hours, and visited Old Louisville, Copper & Kings, Butchertown Grocery, the Big Four Bridge, Blue Dog Bakery, the Evan Williams Bourbon Experience, Royals Hot Chicken, Scout, Revelry, Gifthorse and Bermuda Highway. Plus the Speed, Proof on Main, Milkwood and Actors. Read it here.

James Ramsey announces that the statue behind him will be moved. Photo by John Gilderbloom

James Ramsey announces that the statue behind him will be moved. Photo by John Gilderbloom

A Statue’s Limitations: Mayor Fischer and U of L President James Ramsey announced today that the Confederate Statue on campus is coming down, thanks in part to a great column written in the C-J by Ricky Jones, and pressure from people like U of L professor John Gilderbloom. The 3rd Street icon has long been a source of controversy as it is a reminder of past racism.

As the announcement, Ramsey said, ““We are not here to erase history, but we are here to announce that this statue should be situated somewhere more appropriate than a modern campus that celebrates its diversity.”

Big Topic, No Solution: No one in town can decide a fair method for regulating home sharing sites like Airbnb, a big topic during Derby Week.  District 8 Metro Council candidates seem to be all falling in with the idea that “somebody’s making money and they’re not getting taxed enough.” At least Stephen Reily said the key is insure accountability without mentioning excessive regulation. The site has been working just fine for hundreds of homeowners and guests for years, thank you very much, without any regulations. If you want to stay at my place, here’s the listing.

KYderbyBookYour Guests’ Book: Since you’re making so much money renting out your home to guests, ante up $50 splurge for a coffee table book — “The Kentucky Derby.”

Chilled on Grocers Ice: An example how government is not run like a business. This one rivals the idiotic decision to spend a fortune to build a tunnel in the East End for the Bridge. In 2010, Kentucky’s Transportation Department decided it needed the Grocers Ice building on Main, and paid $3.6 million for it. Now it doesn’t need it, and can’t sell it. Bidders now must offer at least $1.2 million.

A Derby Party That Won’t Cost You $500 to Attend: Did you know that some of the big Derby parties cost more than $500 per tickets. You can have a better time at The Oaks Eve Bash at Woodhaven and get in for $50, with proceeds going to Kosair.  Hear about it on the Jtown Chamber Podcast.

Now, a Few Complaints. . .

Not Winning with Knight: No, I wasn’t surprised that Bobby Knight thinks Donald Trump is a great choice for president and campaigned for him in Indiana. Talk about a couple of dudes with mean streaks.

Dear Courier-Journal: You are losing customers daily with those silly questions you require answers for before anyone can read your stories online. I just want to see your coverage.

And Finally — there’s plenty to do and places to go during the best time of year around here. If you need a ride, download Lyft and use my PROMO CODE: RUSTYSATELLITE

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