LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: All Night Long with Delbert, Chocolate Cocktails and a Sex Scandal Goes Away

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I’m just hours away from my Delbert McClinton reunion in Frankfort, of all places, and I’m pretty excited about seeing Delbert at 75. I was introduced to “Giving it Up for our Love” on Natural 97 Radio in the Orange Palace at the Pike House in Bowling Green with Mark Hebert. I’ve seen him live a bunch of times since, and had my only “Cruise” experience with him.

Meanwhile, there’s plenty to discuss here, starting with

The Sighs (of relief) in Texas Are Upon Us: What looked a week ago like another long-lasting sex scandal at U of L went away very quietly Thursday when Jonathan Blue’s attorney announced her client had settled his divorce case with his wife Tracy, negating the need for Charlie Strong to come and testify

Tommy O'Shea. Photo by Bill Brymer

Tommy O’Shea. Photo by Bill Brymer

about his relationship. No juicy details were released.

Gotta Get A Green Shirt: I’d like one like Tommy O’Shea was wearing during our Highlands interview for the Rusty show, in which he discussed some family history and our common bond – the South End. Listen in on a great Rusty Satellite Show, which includes a great conversation with Kirby Adams.


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Champs Drinking Cocktails: Next Wednesday, please join me for a Chocolate Car Bomb or a Ballotin Irish Kiss at O’Shea’s in the Highlands. The Danny Flanigan Trio is playing from 5-7, and I’m betting on good weather. Consider it a warmup for St. Patrick’s Day.

Robbie Gives Back: Check out Robbie Valentine’s event tonight at Bearno’s, and order a cold one from 1986 U of L Champion players Herbert Crook, Milt Wagner and Chris West. On March 8, Valentine is our Breakfast of Champions speaker. Sign up now!

If You Don’t Like Matt Bevin’s Decision on Women’s Health: This ad is running in the C-J Sunday, with signature from 500 Kentuckians:  “Gov. Bevin and his cohort of misogynist legislators, mostly male, are demanding more sadistic actions against women than ever before, with laws coming out of Frankfort that are abusive, discriminatory and just plain mean toward  Kentucky women.  These laws and bills disrespect the ability of women to think, to decide and to make our own choices, and they usurp our sovereignty and equality as citizens.”

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Inside the 3rd Turn in Jtown.

At the Pulse of the City: Check out this great web site for good news about Free Sundays at the Speed Museum, a remembrance of the Dirt Bowl and some new radio programming, because what this town really needs is more U of L sports talk.

And in Jeffersontown: Watch this space for news of a great new addition to the business culture of Jeffersontown — the Jtown Chamber Podcast. This week I went to a great Business Blast up the street at 3rd Turn Brewery. And the guys who got that started will be my guests on the first show.

I’ll be Standing on Shaky Ground tonight: Here’s some Delbert performing a classic:



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