LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Pumpkins, Politics and Good Eats

Lamar Jackson and the Cards are at Virginia Saturday at Noon. Bill Brymer photoLamar Jackson and the Cards are at Virginia Saturday at Noon. Bill Brymer photo

I’m not sure when Halloween transitioned from a focus on kids dressing up and knocking on doors to get candy to one of the biggest party nights of the year, but it happened. With the big Trick-or-Treat night not coming until Monday, that makes for a whole weekend for adults to put on their Donald Trump masks and overindulge in something that’s worse for you than candy. According to Lyft, it’s become about the biggest ride-sharing night of the year, so I’ll be out there and coming to get you.

Speaking of Lyft, guess how I met this week’s guest on the Rusty Satellite Show — a professional pumpkin carver and artist from Chicago. That’s right, I picked him up after work at Iroquois Park and took him home. I think you’ll like the interview, and the whole Rusty show this week.

From Edward Cabral and the Jack O Lantern Spectacular

From Edward Cabral and the Jack O Lantern Spectacular

My guest c0-host is Chris Anger, known for Improv projects and his What Happens Next podcast on the Louisville.am network. I asked him about some of the crazier local headlines from the week, including the one WAVE published — “JCPS Board Talks Sex.” Not kidding.

Plus I’ve got one of my favorite people, Gill Holland, on the program to talk about his campaign to become a Metro Councilman in District 16, the northeastern-most part of the Metro, which includes Prospect. Gill has a refreshing approach to running for office — no bad-mouthing his opponent, no partisanship based on party, and simply putting himself out there saying he’ll make decisions that will benefit his constituents. Smart.

Listen to it all here:

candied bacon on the bar at Merle's

candied bacon on the bar at Merle’s

What Happened to Manny? On Tuesday, Tony Palumbino invited Steve Coomes and I out to his Main Street location formerly known as Manny & Merle’s to sample some new menu items, including a really rare treat — candied bacon served in Mason jars. It’s all part of the new name and image there — Merle’s Whiskey Kitchen. I’ll be talking about that in details on the next podcast.

But for this one, Steve and I enjoyed talking with some noteworthy guests. He interviewed the first female master distiller in Kentucky, Pam Heilmann, about what’s going on at Michter’s, while I interviewed John Good, a former top assistant to trainer Bob Baffert, about the growth of his Spudz potato chip business. Spudz has new flavors and is now available at places like Copper & Kings and Churchill Downs, in addition to Kroger.

Listen to this one here:

Now it’s just over 10 days until this crazy election is over with, and you already know where you stand on Hillary vs. Trump. My advice – learn about the candidates for Metro Council, the school board and the other down ballot races, the ones that are really important to our lives here in town. Then go vote.

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