LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: The Johnson “incident”, stripper scandal, and a couple of pretty good podcasts


Did you hear the latest from Dan Johnson? Not the kooky, racist politician from Bullitt County running to be a state representative by posting offensive Facebook messages. No, this is our own Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, who got himself banned from GLI events (this seems to be an unprecedented action) for something he apparently said to a GLI female staff member during a group trip to Austin, Texas attended by several Metro Council members.

Asked by the newspaper, no one else on the trip seems to have been aware of whatever it was Johnson did, though some think that the incident should be made public — an eventuality GLI seems determined to keep in-house. Council member Angela Leet told the C-J she felt that whatever happened should “require immediate disclosure.”

Meanwhile, Johnson, whose career highlights include getting himself sued by Gus Goldsmith for writing bad checks (the case was settled) and pushing for a moratorium on the construction of gas stations, provided the C-J with a quote illustrating how clueless he must be regarding the incident:

“It is certainly not in my character to be offensive, so I do apologize if I came across that way in Austin. GLI has not contacted me personally about any incident during the Austin trip. At the time, I was not aware that my words were offensive to anyone. I wish someone had brought this to my attention a month ago so I could have apologized.”

Johnson’s term as a councilman ends with this election.

pic by Bill Brymer

pic by Bill Brymer

Stripper Scandal: The big story of the week was the NCAA’s release of allegations after its year-long investigation of the U of L basketball program. You can’t turn on your radio without hearing someone’s take on it – and here’s mine. Andre McGee was a rogue employee, and created an elaborate system to provide prostitutes for basketball recruits, thinking it would both advance his career when those players signed to play at U of L, and advance some perverted ideas he had about sex.

As a result, at a press conference, Pitino made an emotional plea about the importance of Billy Minardi Hall (where it all took place) to him personally and convinced everyone, including the NCAA, that he had no knowledge of the shenanigans going on there. The NCAA report provided little new info, but did mention Pitino’s “failure to monitor” an employee as a Level 1 violation that will probably get him suspended for a few games.

Of course, the report got national headlines.

Meanwhile, the N.C. State football team comes to town an 18-point underdog for Saturday’s Noon contest, and a lot of people who follow it say the spread is too big. The Cards should win, but by 2 TDs at most.


Marc Murphy will speak at the Nov. 15 Breakfast of Champions

The Rusty Satellite Show includes a fascinating interview with C-J political cartoonist Marc Murphy, a proud liberal who says that we simply can’t “put Donald Trump in the White House.” Mark your calendar for Nov. 15, when Murphy will be our speaker at the next Breakfast of Champions. By then, we’ll be done with this depressing election cycle.

Also on the show is Katie Gaughan, an executive coach who fills us on workplace dynamics. And my guest co-host Steve Coomes adds some flavor to the podcast. Listen here:

Of course, Steve and I host the EatDrinkTalk podcast, and this time we indulge in two of his passionate topics — tequila and ham. His guest on the show is Muchote tequila owner Will Elger. And I got a chance to visit with Loui Loui’s partner Mike Spurlock — about Detroit-style pizza, late-night munchies and playing in a rock and roll band.

Listen here:

Have a great weekend — next week’s Rusty show features Metro Council candidate and all-around great guy Gill Holland. And on EatDrinkTalk, I’ll be talking with John Good, who has created a potato chip company, believe it or not, that’s doing big things.

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