LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Deer Me at Perry Park, Talking a Dive Bar, Vegan Jerky and the Doctor of Dunk

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Greetings from Perry Park, Ky., an amazing little resort an hour or so northeast of Louisville. Home of a fine 27-hole golf course, a small hotel and a restaurant, all of which have been here a while. The logo includes a picture of a deer, and the three courses have names like Antlers and Buckskin, but we had no idea that when we walked outside at dusk we would see, not kidding, more than 50 deer wandering around the fairways. Amazing.

If you’re looking for a nice getaway that includes golf, try this place. We found it looking for a round of golf on the way to Michigan. The rates are amazing – it was $52 for the two of us, then when we decided to spend the night, the $65 included a room, plus dinner and breakfast.

Of course, there’s plenty to talk about back home, and two great podcasts for your listening pleasure. Please tune in, and catch all the latest at LouisvilleKY.com and EatDrinkTalk.net

Get to Germantown: The Pearl is the latest addition to the thriving nightlife scene in Germantown, where the hip Germantown Craft House just opened a few weeks back. Listen in as Steve Coomes talks with The Pearl’s Larry Rice about his plans on the newest EatDrinkTalk podcast. Plus, I bring you the story of Louisville Vegan Jerky with Stanley Chase.

The Great Griff: One of my earliest hoops memories is of the phenomenal Darrell Griffith bringing his dominant Male High School basketball team to Iroquois, where I cheered against him. I finally got to meet him this week, as the University made a big deal of the upcoming demolition of Crawford Gym, where Griffith and players used to make names for themselves in pickup games all summer. Griff, of course, has enjoyed a successful life in his hometown since retiring from the Utah Jazz. Listen in as we talk at his restaurant in Cardinal Towne. Plus, JCTA president Brent McKim joins me on the Rusty Satellite.






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