LOUISVILLEKY.com’s THE WEEK: Thanks, I’ll Eat It Here, and There

The Omni downtown is going up, up, up.The Omni downtown is going up, up, up.

I won’t have any trouble choosing my favorite eats and drinks from this week for the next EatDrinkTalk podcast — Steve Coomes and I were treated to a marvelous preview of the new Lola Lounge above the Butchertown Grocery. Well, it will be a challenge to choose a favorite from the menu — portobello fries or fish sandwich, Cuban sandwich or Beignet? And the creativity of the cocktail list is unbelievable — I tried something called a Long Dark Blues with charcoal and chartreuse. No, I’m not pretending to even know what those are, but I think I’ll keep going back Bobby Benjamin’s new place until I try every one of the 14 new cocktails.

Lola's Negroni

Lola’s Negroni

Read Steve’s piece on it over at EatDrinkTalk — where we’ve been busy writing about holiday festivities, including the Miracle on Market – a pop-up Christmas-themed bar at Rye.

But what may keep me going back is the place’s attitude –  I love the mythical Lola’s pronouncements posted everywhere. An example: “A gal that can hold her whiskey is tops in my book.”

Beverage manger Nic Christiansen said the names for the drinks were from movies and songs — so I copied the idea for the headline on this post, which is from Lowell George’s 1979 solo album. If you knew that, I’m impressed.

In our EDT podcast this week — I uncovered some Gerstle’s-related facts, including the fact that owner Eric White isn’t quite sure why the words ‘No Coils’ are on the neon sign out front. And you can get food there, and White claims it’s the city’s oldest bar, converted by John Gerstle from a residence to a bar in 1924. You can still make the Eat.Drink.Donate fundraiser going on there Friday (today) afternoon.

Plus, Steve’s interview with Scott Darnall reveals how the chef plans to make the space at the Kentucky Center for the Arts a go-to spot with Scene.

Lyle Janes

Lyle Janes

NIIICE: I think this week’s Rusty Satellite Show is pretty entertaining, as well as informative — Lyle Janes is pretty funny, he’s done standup comedy — and has hosted a cable access TV show for 18 years. And a nice guy, as he admits. I was glad to learn about the Dare to Care organization and the 20 million pounds of food it delivers annually, from Stan Siegwald. And it was fun chatting up c0-host Stephanie White about differences between being 40-ish and 50-ish.


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