Louisville Dogs left with less than 24 hours to live

According to Derby City Dog Rescue there was a huge number of  animals brought into LMAS this past weekend (100+) and it has left them  with a difficult decision to make – there are 39 dogs that need rescuing by  tomorrow – Wednesday June 1st 5pm – otherwise they will not make it  another day.

Help these dogs, foster a dog or  forward this post to a friend if you can’t foster an animal. Repost on Facebook, Twitter, or your own  blog – but do something. Louisville is a city full of animal lovers. Let’s show how much we care.


Visit  Derby City Rescue and make a difference……but quickly.

Derby City Dog Rescue works to bridge the gap between local animal shelters  in Louisville, KY and rescues to attempt to find placement for some of the  many dogs in urgent situations in our area. They provide temporary foster,  pulling assistance, and help with getting the dogs to transport.

These dogs need 501c3 rescues. Their pull fees are $85 if they need to be spayed/neutered by Metro…$35 if they were already spayed/neutered prior to  going to Metro. In an effort to prevent these dogs from being put to  sleep these fees have been waived by Derby City Dog Rescue.

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  1. I am very interested in fostering a dog. I live out in the country and have lots of room for running and playing. I just need to know, as much as is possible, if there are puppies or dogs that are really good with children, other dogs and cats. I know, I have a very diverse family here! 🙂
    I have been wanting to foster and possibly adopt. Since I live near Pleasureville, KY, I will be driving a long way.
    That is why I ask about compatibility.
    Please let me know and I can come as soon as possible!

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