It’s wedding crunch time. RX, please?

Yep, there’s still a wedding this summer. I know we’ve both been conspicuously absent from the blogosphere, but it’s still on. I’ve been consumed with work, with this overseas tour taking up the past month and a half. David has also been swamped with work, though he somehow found the time to blast through a huge portion of our To Do List while I was singing in Scotland.

I’m fortunate to be marrying David for many reasons, but his help with the wedding is just amazing. If it were all up to me, I’d end up taking the next flight out of town and sending people postcards that said “We got married!” It’s not that I don’t want a wedding. It’s just that I am not a detail person.

When it comes to my business, I deal in details all day long – bookkeeping, tour booking, chord charts, etc. But that leaves zero time or interest left for personal life details, like matching socks, stationery, or flowers.

Thankfully, David is not only good about details, but he cares about them. Everyone has finally figured out that when they ask me I question, I respond, “I don’t know, whatever you think looks/works/sounds best.” They now know that David is the one to ask.

I feel guilty about it, really, like the stereotypical groom who is contributing nothing. I have opinions, I swear, but they are really more big picture stuff. I know what kind of vibe I want, but I don’t know specifically how to attain it.

Unfortunately, all that is remains is details. We’ve got a date, a caterer, a flower specialist, a cupcake-baker, a band, and a wedding party. Now we just have to fill in all those teeny-tiny blanks as to what we need each of them to do. Now is crunch time. Now is when I call my doctor and ask for a prescription for anxiety pills and/or focus pills.

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