UPDATE: Friday 2/1/13 Horrific animal abuse case “Quill” the Chihuahua

UPDATE : Friday 01, February 2013

The work of the Arrow Fund continues, and there are many success stories past and future. The cases are ongoing, and appreciate all of your compassion, and help in funding these cases. We may have lost “Quill” the little man below- but he will not leave us in vain. Through the rescues going forward, he will live on as we strive to help as many more cases as we can.
Quill, we send you off to Heaven, please know you were LOVED, and you were a GOOD BOY.   Cyndy

From the Founder of the Arrow Fund:

Update- “Quill” – Arrow Fund- Tiny Chihuahua with back feet chewed off. After being fully examine by Dr. Mary Lauren Messich at Blue Pearl . X-rays revealed that his back was so severely broken that the spine was literally stacked on each other . He was painful in this area . He could not urinate on his own.
His back feet were literally chewed off by him. With his pain meds tonight – he got sick and threw up part of his foot. The other part of his foot he ingested was literally so big it would have to have been surgically removed. He would not have been a good candidate for a cart due to the severe pain where his back was broken. Through this all, this baby was so sweet . His back had been broken for several weeks and he received no care and obviously any food in the past few days. This owner MUST BE CHARGED! I am just sick…. I held Baby “Quill ” in my arms as he left us…He too, just kissed my face as he left us. A special thank you for the kindness from Dr. Baker and Annette at Blue Pearl.
Also , thank you to Team Arrow’s Leslie for being with me during this sad time. Completely heartbroken. This is all I can write.
Thanks to all who loved this angel. I know I will never be the same again…. ~Rebecca~Arrow Fund~


“I think how we treat our animals reflects how we treat each other … And it’s very important that we have a president who is mindful of the cruelty that is perpetrated on animals …”~Barack Obama

I write today with heavy heart and much anger for the horrible treatment of animals that have come to my attention.

**WARNING: This post will contain graphic information and images. It is not for the faint of heart.**

I served on the Shamrock Foundation Board of Directors over 10 years ago. I was always on the business end, and actual animal contact & rescue was not on my plate. We raised funds wherever we could, and still operate only on donations and remains a 100% volunteer organization.

From Shamrock grew the Arrow Fund. Arrow’s team takes ion the most severe cases of animal abuse and neglect. You know,  the dogs thrown from cars, the cats dropped from balconies? Yes, thats Arrow Fund who saves them if we can (depending on their injuries) .  The animals that would normally go to a shelter and be euthanized right away, end up with us to be saved. Many animal agencies rescue on their own, but when they have a severe case, they call on us- from all across the state. We arrange treatment, foster care and pay the medical bills and rehab for these animals. And we do so through 100% donations.  We also persue the avenues of criminal prosecution, and rewards for arrests in those cases if needed.

Last night we received one such case. During a drug bust in Daveiss County Kentucky, the police called a local animal shelter with a dog in the raided home. The little boy Chihuahua was sweet as could be, a little thin, but his back legs were nearly rotted off at the stumps.


What? Yes, I said “rotted” off. The back paws and legs about 3-4” inches up, were nothing but dragging pieces of flesh covered with filth and feces, clearly he hasn’t walked anywhere in a while.

UPDATE: ” He was found in a cardboard box – we are speculating that his back was broken and he has been this way for a while and chewed his own legs off. This is criminal neglect. I have a pic of him in the box. Will know more after he reaches the Vet”


Poor boy rescued form a Daviess County drug bust

Details are forthcoming, but one of the criminals said the dog has been that way for 6 weeks at least. The dog’s owner is on the run, we are hoping for an arrest.  The local vets and shelter called Arrow Fund, and we will take up his care this morning. He was cleaned up, so we can now see the damage to his appendages, and he was receiving pain meds as well.



Pup’s feet after cleaning the feces and flesh away

Most likely he will lose both back legs, but he does have a chance for life.
We need your help.

You can share this post on Facebook and twitter, and look for this image on the www.shamrockpets.com page:


The funds must go to “ARROW FUND” for this boy.. 100% of the monies will go to the vet bills and rehab of the Arrow Fund rescues in our care.

Thank you for your attention, your generosity and sharing the message of hope for this boy!

Below find an interesting piece on the moral obligation of humans to animals. Thank you for your compassion and help in this matter, it is of utmost importance to stop abuse on every level.


November 18, 2012 12:30 am  •  Richard Kyte The LaCrosee Tribune

There is a type of moral reasoning known as utilitarianism. In its most basic form, it goes like this:

We should do what we can to increase pleasure and decrease pain in the world.

Activities such as trapping, shooting, experimenting, caging and so on  cause avoidable suffering to animals.

Therefore, those activities are unethical.

The argument is simple and powerful.

Those who disagree point out that animals are not people, so we do not have the same kinds of moral obligations to them as we do toward one another.

But one of the principal theorists for the animal rights movement, Peter Singer, calls that attitude “speciesism.” He writes, “… the fact that beings are not members of our species does not entitle us to exploit them, and similarly the fact that other animals are less intelligent than we are does not mean that their interests may be disregarded.”

He is surely right about that. Animals may not have the same rights as people, but the fact that they can experience pleasure and pain is morally significant, and we should take responsibility for the suffering we cause them.


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  1. We have got to get stronger animal abuse laws in place immediately!!! I can’t explain the anger that whales up inside of me when I look at these photos of this poor little guy. I have no mercy for animal abusers. I know it’s a mental illness when someone can do something like this, just like child abuse and sexual abuse is, but it has to be stopped!! I hate looking at the photos, but I know awareness is part of getting help and making a change. Thank you for caring and please take care of our little guy….and give him extra hugs and kisses from me.

  2. It is a disgrace what some people do to animals.

    those who mistreat in this way should have the sme thing reciprocated. An foot for a foot.

  3. It’s so sickening how much cruelty humans do to innocent animals! It makes me ashamed to even be the same species as them.

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