Heuser Health Optimization – One Month of Progress

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Let’s start with the best news — after a month of adhering to a pretty strict diet, my Hemoglobin A1C level has dropped from 6.6 to 5.7. If the numbers mean nothing to you, Peggy Heuser tells me it’s fantastic, that I’ve gone from the diabetes danger zone to a pre-diabetes level. Seeing is believing when it comes to the Heuser Health’s optimization program.

Results like that are making me more determined than ever to keep this regimen going.  I’ve also dropped 11 pounds, lost 2 1/2 inches on my belly, and even found myself able to bend my knees and get the bowling ball rolling with better spin. A month ago, I learned what a Burpee was and my body refused to do it. Now I can pop out a dozen in 30 seconds. (Burpees are exercises in which you drop your hands to the floor, push your legs back to a push-up position, then bring them back and stand up).

There have been unsolicited positive comments from friends. What’s more, I’ve seen improvement in mental clarity, energy, focus and productivity. And the part of this whole program that gets talked about the most, well, I’ll vouch for the effects of testosterone in the “relationship” department, as Peggy likes to say.

My health optimization is built around three basics — diet, exercise and drugs. Here’s what I’ve done, under Peggy Heuser’s supervision. You might think this change in diet is pretty radical, but I have really enjoyed it. It’s not just about what I’ve given up, a list that includes pizza, pasta, potatoes, fast food, bourbon, dessert. The change in diet is really about choosing foods that work for me.

And I’ve found some terrific places to eat that don’t tempt me to order fries or red meat. At Ditto’s I had an excellent blackened cod. I’ve been twice to the new Acai spot in Nulu, Lueberry, for a tasty bowl of fruit and nuts. At Inwave in Middletown, I enjoyed a health bowl of vegetables with brown rice.

Paula, who is joining me on the diet revolution and seeing terrific results as well, says she’s enjoyed getting back to cooking and preparing healthy meals. We have mixed vegetables frequently, sweet potatoes, sauteed fish and various forms of chicken (not fried). In fact, if you check out the Heuser’s most recent episode of Facebook Live, you’ll learn the way to prepare fish and chicken the healthy way, and even how to make a simple homemade honey mustard sauce.

For four weeks, I’ve been diligent about attending one-hour exercise classes at Heuser’s facility in the Mellwood Arts Center. They consist of cardio, weight training and some core muscle-building exercises, led by competent and encouraging trainers. I’ve seen my ability to perform the exercises improve. In the beginning, I was panting on the elliptical machine, couldn’t finish the timed weight-lifting, and the idea of lifting my legs off the ground for 30 seconds from a prone position was laughable. Now I’m doing all that with relative ease.

At my one-month checkup, Peggy was, of course, happy to see the results in my blood work. All the numbers indicate I’m responding the way I should. She put me on Vitamin D, Fish Oil, DHEA, Anastrozole and a Testosterone cream.

So, yes, it all feels good.

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