Hear All About It From Jerry Miller and John Cosby


I’m a little late posting this, but then again, you were probably too busy with a great Louisville weekend to listen to the Rusty Satellite Show. You can check out the show, and have it delivered every week, for free with iTunes.

I do know the show’s audience is growing, and I appreciate all of you who have given me feedback on my little audio experiment.

This week’s talk with Metro Councilman Jerry Miller is worth hearing, as he clears things up a little bit on the misguided attempt by West End Council members to stop liquor sales at package stores between 2 and 4 a.m. This initiative makes the illogical assumption that closing the liquor stores at those hours will immediately stop all the crime that goes down in those locations. The proposed ordinance is still on the table, to be discussed again in a few weeks.

We also discuss Miller’s political future, in which he plans to step up to a State Senate seat in his East End district and give up grappling over issues like this silly liquor ordinance for more substantive topics.

Though I’m posting this after the big event, the Gaslight Festival, my interview with John Cosby includes more about what’s going on in Jeffersontown, including a new initiative to spruce things up a bit downtown and plans for new signature entrances to the city.

The show also includes something Rand Paul’s doing that I support, so that’s something worth hearing.


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