Got Two Cents on the Iron Quarter? Jeff Noble Has Designs on the Future of the Row

Jeff Noble is a resident of Butchertown, a Legislative Aide to Councilman Brent T. Ackerson, senior political adviser to the Yarmuth for Congress campaign, longtime Democratic Party activist, and a local blogger at

His first involvement to save a local structure was in 1979 when he opposed the demolition of the Will Sales Building at 4th and Liberty streets. His views are his own and should not be construed as anything other than his own.

In a perfect world we would demolish the buildings saving only the facades; construct an open-air market on the 1st Street end to replace the Haymarket torn down at Preston and Jefferson streets. Further west, again retaining the facades, construct New Orleans-style lofts facing the east, small and affordable (unlike everything else in the area), with decorative railings overlooking the open air market. Use the space as a backup to the Belvedere for outdoor celebrations. And, no Starbucks or other chains. Maybe a Sunergos Coffeeshop or Amazing Grace’s new location – local businesses. And a real bakery like the old Klein’s which was on 4th Street before the Aegon Tower was built.

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  1. This photo of Jeff was taken by Ray Crider during a gathering of the Louisville Metro Dems!

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