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Greetings from … um, where am I, again? Edinburgh, Scotland, I do believe. Although this morning, I woke up in Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve been over in Europe for a little over two months now, and I’m realizing that living in Europe means living in a time warp. That’s not just because of the medieval streets and incredibly slow pace of life, but because I don’t really comprehend having been gone from Louisville for any real length of time.

With that in mind, I’m back to It’s been tough trying to figure out how world traveling fits into a blog like this one that caters to one particular city, but I’m going to do just that: to travel, photograph, report, and share stories. Local newspapers always have a travel section, right? Seeing as I’ve been documenting travels on various other blogs (The Red Accordion Diaries, in particular), I figure I should share adventures of the road on here.

So consider me your travel reporter. I’ve declared it. Is that okay? Do I need permission? Is a travel section even allowed on here? Should I have asked Rick the All-Knowing First? (Rick, whaddya think?)

Truthfully, I need travel suggestions. Let’s hear them. I can’t wait to start…

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  1. Brigid, We miss you and are thrilled to have your words, at least, return to our fair city. Travel news is a much-needed area of interest, and I can’t go anywhere, so you are hereby appointed’s official travel writer.

    Welcome Back!

  2. Brigid: Any helpful tips about how to gig in Europe that might help the players back home would be appreciated. Might broaden their worldview a little, not to mention their touring.

  3. Thank you, Lord Rick, for dubbing me Travel Writer. I’m in.

    Paul, that’s a great idea. Will work on something like that.

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