Fisher Touts His Green Cred

Mayor Greg Fischer touted his efforts at making Louisville greener today with a press conference at the Newburg Library, where he talked about the heating and cooling, lighting and carpeting that were part of the building process. Of course he had nothing to do with it, but let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and give him credit for making green building ideas public.  He also mentioned some interesting stuff going on at the Metro Development Center on Fifth Street, taking the opportunity to use the word photovoltaics in an actual sentence.

The Mayor even mentions his plan to create a new Office of Sustainability in the next budget cycle, but nothing on the role former Mayoral rival-turned-supporter Jackie Green might play in that.

The Newburg Library is all green-ed up.

Here’s the press release direct from the Mayor’s Office.

In keeping in-line with his commitment to make Louisville a greener, more energy-efficient city, Mayor Greg Fischer announced two, new environmentally-friendly projects today.

The first project focuses on the Newburg Library. Already an outstanding model of an eco-friendly building, featuring green amenities such as a geothermal heating and cooling system, daylight harvesting indoor lighting, a rain garden and carpet made from recycled plastic bottles, the library now features solar and wind powered outdoor lighting and a new solar-powered roof.

The lighting is programmed to complement the library’s hours of operation. The solar panels, installed on the existing roof, generate enough power to exceed the minimum design criteria for supplying all of the power required by the library’s lighting systems.

The second project includes green improvements for the Metro Development Center, located at 444 S. Fifth Street. A combination of solar thermal and  panels, which convert sunlight into energy, were installed to provide 100% of the building’s potable hot water energy requirements. The panels were installed on the existing penthouse roof of the building. The Metro Development Center houses Public Works and Assets, Economic Development and Inspections, Permits and Licenses.

Both projects were funded with $1.4 million through an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) made possible by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.

Fischer also discussed his commitment to creating an Office of Sustainability within the next budget cycle, if funding allows.

“By encouraging sustainable thinking and behavior by all citizens – beginning with Metro Government – we can protect the environment, support energy conservation, and save money,” Fischer said.

Earthwell Energy Management was selected by Metro Government to work on these latest green projects.

“There is a wave of clean-green energy coming and I applaud Louisville’s effort to be at the forefront of it. Every step we take to make using sustainable, clean energy means cleaner air,” said Johnny Miller, President of Earthwell Energy Management. “America can’t wait for the last drop of oil to be produced or the last ton of coal to be mined to build a new energy economy built on conservation and sustainability.”

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  1. Good for Greg! Good for Johnny Miller at Earthwell Energy Management. Louisville needs more green projects like these three.

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