Finishing Week 1 with a Flashing

Friday. Friday. Friday. Wrapping up week one in the life of, and we’re continuing to make improvements here. Watch for some exciting new writers coming on board. Yesterday, for example, I spoke with Steve Paradis, who has some great insight into the sustainability movement for food and owns Fresh Start Growers Supply downtown. You can also expect a first post soon from former WLKY morning anchor Abby Miller, whose posts about family life and media were hugely popular back when we worked together at another place I can’t mention. So keep coming back, we’re always coming up with something new.

Let us know what you think.

Here’s today’s things I thought were worth griping about.

Key Metro Council Appointments: Don’t you love the beginning of the year, when everybody is making nice? MC Pres. Jim King announced leadership positions for a dozen committees, saying “The committees will be lead by a strong group of people who have the experience and solid understanding of the needs of Metro Government. I believe the citizens of Metro Louisville will be very well served by the Council members who have been selected.” Here’s the list.

The teepee is endangered

Fans of the Fountain, Unite:  I admire the persistence of the group trying to save Hogan’s Fountain in Cherokee Park, especially the big teepee, which could be demolished under a new parks plan. Nothing that $5 million wouldn’t fix. That’s the amount of prize money being given away in this Reader’s Digest contest. There are 3 weeks left, and our city is only in 31st place.

What Desperation Looks Like for Karen: Now Karen Sypher’s attorney want Rick Pitino’s e-mails, and those of every other person who had sex with her, and every lawyer she’s ever had, in an attempt to delay sentencing.

Mix in a Salad, and a Lap:  It’s a shame the state is unlikely to adopt legislation requiring exercise in public schools, even as evidence piles up that Kentucky kids are getting fatter. We’re #7 among states for obesity, and only Georgia and Missisippi kids are fatter than ours.  Take a look at John David Dyche’s piece on how conservatives are resisting change.

Drama at JCPS over Berman: The politically powerful teachers’ union wants the school board to change its mind on ousting Sheldon Berman, but it’s not likely to happen unless some members change their votes, which would make them puppets of the JCTA. The board replaced chair Debbie Wesslund, who won an election last fall over a JCTA-backed candidate, with Steve Imhoff, who supports Berman.

Foreclosing Words: The C-J has analyzed a report on foreclosures, which says people lost their houses to the banks more in 2010, but there’s reason to think the tide is turning.

This woman gave shoppers a treat at Kroger

New Heights of Stupidity, SUYT Division: Late  Wednesday night. two women decided it would be a good idea to flash anyone lucky enough to be grocery shopping at the Hikes Point Kroger. Then some party-pooper called the cops, and the two drunk ladies were arrested.  Christine Hines (photo) is 23, and her cohort Kimberly Gittings is 32. Only on WLKY.

Today’s Local Birthdays:  That cool chick from Leapfrog, Emily Carroll, and local artist Karen Boone. HBTY!

Get Up Early: The things U of L will do for ESPN. The Cards’ game at the Yum Center against Marquette Saturday starts at 11 a.m.  It’ll be aired on ESPN2. Sure, I’ll go if you’ve got an extra ticket.

6 Comments on "Finishing Week 1 with a Flashing"

  1. Thanks for the shout out Rick. I’ve posted my first blog for all to see. Can’t wait to see what great work is done here!

  2. Exercise should be part of a school day. It facilitates learning. You want those test scores to rise? Physical activity is foundational. When did it go by the wayside? mid 90s I think.

  3. Our kids are fat because we feed them instead of play with them. Parents are too busy and fling Hostess Cakes at them instead of giving them the time they need from us… I know this isn’t a popular answer but how many of these obese children live in homes that are on gov’t assistance?

    As for those women who decided to flash those poor folks in Kroger, I am not sure wasting our tax dollars to arrest them was the best thing. Couldn’t someone have just called them a ride home? However, the OTHER mug shot lady is priceless. She should get an award for Best.Mugshot.Ever……

  4. Re: Karen S. – that is text messages from at least half a dozen men from 2003 to present. Great delay tactic; it will take a year to rummage through all of that information and by then they will file a motion for all e-mails and phone records.

  5. Oops, dyslexia took over. Meant they are asking for e-mails but will then be requesting text messages and phone records. Regardless, it’s a delay tactic as well as fishing for potential embarrassing information.

  6. Given that there is a seniors’ condo development across the street from the Hikes Point Kroger, I think young flashers might be a real risk factor for local shoppers!

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