What can Blue do for you?

A recent spoof of the fluff piece published in Sunday’s Courier-Journal has been circulating. Just too good not to share ~

Todd Blue, Demolisher

First Website:  brokensidewalk.com
Song stuck in your head right now: (And the Walls) Come Tumbling Down by John Mellencamp and “Blow Up” by J Cole
Phrase you repeat too often:  “It can’t be done”
Phrase you would like to outlaw:  “It can’t be done” (unless it is an old building to be saved, then it really can’t be done.)
First Concert:  Pink Floyd, the Wall
Best Driving Music:  “Money” by Pink Floyd
Book on night table right now:  .”Lots of Parking:  Land Use in a Car Culture”, 2004, by John A. Jackle and Keith A. Sculle.
Always in your refrigerator:  Limberger Cheese
Historical Character:  General Sherman.   I really admire what he was able to do in Atlanta
Political Heroes:  Ronald Reagan — he tore down the Berlin Wall
Best meal you can make yourself:  junk food
A bad habit:  not listening
One team you’re the biggest fan of: the Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech
Next Movie:  Demolition Man
My significant other gets annoyed when I: don’t get my way
Signature Drink: An irish car bomb or anything on the rocks
Magazine Subscription you’ve had the longest:  C&DR (Construction & Demolition Recycling)
Current TV Obsession: “This Old House”
Favorite Louisvillian/Kentuckian: Greg Fischer of course
Favorite Coffee Shop: I don’t like coffee shops since they are usually in old buildings.
What you’d major in if you had it to do all over:  History, I love historical things or anything old.
Favorite building (that you didn’t build):  The old Belknap Hardware building that was imploded
Epitaph Words:  Timber, or maybe Fore.  Or a spin on my favorite Latin phrase, “I came, I saw, I parked”

12 Comments on "What can Blue do for you?"

  1. Very clever. I vote for Joni Mitchell’s song, although tha block is no longer paradise. Speaking of history, who recalls the reign of Louie Fredricks? I believe that is the correct spelling of his name. I was told in the early 80s that was the Main Street Mafia and I belive he sat on those aging buildings that he owned like a rooster trying to hatch a concrete egg. It was never gonna happen. The elements, the money and the neglect made the historic structures ripe for the next era. Louie came before kids like Blue when I’m looking for blame on Whiskey Row. If Todd is as proud of Louisville as he claims to be and is a savvy developer who can bolster his purchasing power with a creative team– he can escape the pariah status into which it seems he’s headed.

  2. Brilliant, totally brilliant. A man with more money than brains and the disposition of a 3-year-old in the mist of temper tantrum. Just great.

  3. Well done, Angela. Except you left out his answer to “Your anatomical justification for driving a 4-door Porsche.”

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