Family Matters In Jeffersontown

In Jeffersontown, the city’s $18 million budget is just insignificant enough, its 102-member workforce just small enough, its government leaders just powerful enough — that it’s easy to get away with stuff that would never fly in Metro Government.

Bill Dieruf defends his new hires

The new Mayor, Bill Dieruf, didn’t really promise that he’d change the way things are done in the small city, and at least in hiring preferences, he’s not. He’s a businessman, after all. And his defense of what appears to be political favors in hiring are simply a matter of hiring the best-qualified person for the job.

There’s no ethics code on the books in J-town, no rules on nepotism. Nothing to assure diversity.  That’s why you’ll have a hard time finding anyone with dark skin there, and why the women are mostly in secretarial positions. It’s like 1972 still. The City Council lost its only African-American representative when Anita Johnson decided not to run for re-election last fall. and voters promptly voted in six white guys and two white women. There are 4 African-Americans and 2 Hispanics on the 51-member police force, none in supervisory positions.

When we last checked in with the police department, outgoing Mayor Clay Foreman (who lost by a whopping 21 points) was taking care of a buddy by promoting a guy named Danny Gentry to the police command staff, without consulting Chief Rick Sanders, and demoting a Major with a spotless record (but a supporter of Dieruf), Chris McIntire.

Today is Gentry’s last day on the force. He’s likely to collect a substantial check with accumulated sick and vacation days, sort of an expected prize for retirees there.  The most celebrated of those was a guy named Kim Weber, who collected about $250K from the city after he spent 29 years saving up sick and vacation time. But don’t give Weber or any of the J-town retirees a perfect attendance prize. Sources tell me standard practice is for officers to skirt the rules by putting days off together and making them up without reporting the days off.

More on Weber later.

Since taking office, Dieruf has reversed Foreman’s promotion, demoting Gentry and promoting McIntire back to his old spot as a Major at the higher pay grade. Gentry is going away with a fatter retirement thanks to Foreman’s favor. Foreman, meanwhile, applied for the City Manager’s job with the city of Hurstbourne, which instead hired Foreman crony Jim Leidgen, who Foreman replaced as J-town’s City Clerk.

But we’re just getting started.

The C-J reported on Dieruf’s first hires — William Fox, as Leidgen’s replacement: Jimmy Franconia as Public Works Director; and Debbie Hendrick as Parks and Recreation Director.

Here’s what Dieruf told the C-J:  “I put people in positions who were best suited for the job. I’d never hire anyone for political reasons. I only hired them for their ability to accomplish the job and their love of the city.” I asked him about the appearances created by the new hires, and he acknowledged that the perception may be negative, but he’s excited about the quality of individuals he’s hired.  He said he conducted interviews for open positions, and in fact claims that family members weren’t told that he was hiring their relatives until after the hire was done.

But as a high-placed city official told me, you don’t have to be related to somebody to get a job there, but it sure helps.

Franconia was active in Dieruf’s political campaign. Even though he has no college degree, Franconia seems qualified to do the  job and has been getting atta-boys from the public for making sure the streets were cleared during recent snows. Political payback, sure, but Franconia, who owns a trucking company, seems competent.

Now to the uninitiated, the  C-J’s  reporting of the hiring of Debbie Hendrick might not have raised an eyebrow. But the paper left out her maiden name, Ruckriegel, and the fact that she’s the daughter of the longtime Mayor and Foreman predecessor Daniel Ruckriegel, who still  serves on the City Council. Hendrick’s professional experience for running the Parks Department consisted of working in banks for 14 years.

Dieruf got animated and a bit defensive when discussing Hendrick, saying she came to him with exciting ideas and unbridled enthusiasm, that she cares about the city and is articulate and organized, that she’s volunteered for years at J-town events.

Dieruf may say it’s not a favor, but it sure doesn’t pass the smell test. I wonder if he interviewed anyone with actual experience running a Parks Department?

And Debbie’s dad? Daniel Ruckriegel can still pull in the favors. He won re-election last fall despite undergoing personal bankruptcy and losing his house near the square to foreclosure. Of course, he’s the chair of the city’s budget committee.

Which brings us to William Fox. On paper, Fox appears to be someone who might have the experience to handle running the city’s affairs as its finance manager. He’s got an MBA and spent many years with Phillip Morris International.  Dieruf said that the city is lucky to get someone with Fox’s skill, that Fox had promised his wife he’d move back to town from North Carolina and is overqualified for the job.

Well, Mr. Fox happens to be the brother-in-law of long-time Council member Carol Pike, who supported Dieruf in the election.  And you are welcome to one guess as to his wife’s maiden name.

There’s another piece of the puzzle involving retired police major Kim Weber. Dieruf recently filled a position — part-time code enforcement officer. Weber, who campaigned for Dieruf, got the job. And Weber, believe it or not, is Chris McIntire’s father-in-law. Remember, McIntire was promoted to Major in the police department by Dieruf.

Of course, Dieruf says Weber is perfect for the job, and that the hiring decision was done with the approval of existing employees.

It’s easy to poke fun at Dieruf for continuing to hire people with ties to his campaign or a connection to the Ruckriegel name. But it appears to me that he’s sincere in his belief that the people he’s putting in place will perform well on the job and will put his “customer-first” philosophy in place.   And compared with his predecessor, J-town is much better off.

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  1. Impressive investigative work. The CJ could take a few lessons (and print some maiden names). Good Job!

  2. Talk about poking a stick in the hornet’s nest. Man you really know how to stir up the crap don’t you Rick. Better be careful how you drive in J-town. Interesting insight. I suggest a follow up of their performance in 6 months.They deserve that at least.

  3. Looks like family is all that gets hired, doesnt have much to do with qualifications. Rick probably just scratched the surface of it all. Weber is married to the Albert Oil Company family, who Jtown has always bought their fuel from, I wonder if that was ever bid on or just another family tie.

  4. Great article Rick, thought things were gonna change but, no, still good ole boys network.

  5. Thanks, Rick. The good people of Jeffersontown need your flashlight in all the dark corners. This makes me wonder what other irregularities one might find there. I think you’re scratching the surface here.

  6. J-Town is overblown and out of control. The blame falls with its leaders – from Ruckriegel on. It’s time to make changes to the city itself. A Mayor that has too much power and able to “play” with taxpayer money at a whim must go. The way to make that happen is simple; change the form of Government where no one person can wield such power. Nothing else will do. As for what else exists, spend some time in the public records and the financial statements. It’s all there.

  7. A long way from Jtown | January 31, 2011 at 6:24 pm | Reply

    Bait house politics isn’t over… Ashame.

  8. FYI: This is Carol Pike. Before you start damning this administration, learn the facts! Bill Fox is my brother-in-law. He was friends with Bill Dieruf for years. He and Bill have traveled on vacation together up to 7 years ago. They share a personal and professional relationship that goes beyond my relationship with either Bill. Bill Fox has lived in Richmond, VA and was not an active participant in Bill Dieruf’s campaign. He is more than qualified for this position. We got Bill Fox at a bargain wage compared to what he received in the private sector. The citizens of Jeffersontown will be well served by him and his experience.

    As for Debbie Ruckriegel Hendrick, her father Daniel did not know anything about her being hired. If anyone knows the history between Dieruf and the previous administrations- Ruckriegel was a Foreman supporter. He was not informed of Debbie’s hire until the Saturday before Mayor Dieruf took office.

    Anybody who knows me and comes to the city council meetings, knows my honesty & integrity and knows how much I care for for the city of J-Town. I want what is best for the citizens and Bill Fox, Debbie Hendrick, & Jimmy Franconia are the best and most qualified persons for the job. They too deserve a chance to prove themselves.

    Mayor Dieruf has been in office for 31 days. Give him and the new council a year before you start blogging with negativity. Mayor Dieruf walked into many challenging tasks concerning the previous administration. He is tackling this job full time with vim and vigor and a transparency that this city has never seen.

    If you have any questions of me, I can be reached at 502-210-2531.

    Thank you,

    Carol Pike

    • Carol – the fact that Fox and Dieruf are buddies is an argument for not hiring him. And you are defending the choice of Hendrick by saying that her Dad didn’t know she was being hired? Really? Those hires aren’t necessarily the best people for the job, they’re the best qualified among the people that Bill knew.

      • Right on Rick! Does Carol not realize how foolish her remarks have made her look? She has now confirmed that it’s “who you know and how well”.

    • “Bill Fox is my brother-in-law. He was friends with Bill Dieruf for years. He and Bill have traveled on vacation together up to 7 years ago. They share a personal and professional relationship that goes beyond my relationship with either Bill. “

      I think that’s all we need to know. If I ever want to get employed by J-town, now I know I just need to go on vacation with one of the bigwigs.

      Nepotism is nepotism. Qualified or no, if the administration didn’t want the fallout, they should have thought about appearances.

      • Time to Re-Boot J-Town | February 1, 2011 at 4:00 pm | Reply

        Here is a thought: Fix the problem now. Don’t let them get away with this. Take the time to put your foot on their necks and don’t let off until things change. Put up or shut up folks.

        • Funny, I thought that’s what we are doing here at by writing about these things.

          Your comment comes off quite condescending. Writers who care enough to investigate and write about an issue, and readers who care enough to read about an issue, share their knowledge, and publicly condemn this are hardly the people that need to be scolded to “put up or shut up.”

          • fixjtownnow | February 3, 2011 at 6:45 pm |

            I think what the writer means is go to City Hall and press the issue until change actually takes place. While all of these comments are thoughtful and reveal great concern, this will all blow over and nothing will change unless the people show up in big numbers. By the way, Egypt may be changing only because enough people applied enough pressure to bring about such change. We need to go out, show up and do – not just talk about it.

  9. Debbie Ruckriegel Hendrick | January 31, 2011 at 8:45 pm | Reply

    Mr. Redding

    Before you prosecute me in the press – please contact me and find out my experience. My experience might not be on paper – but i believe i can run a park and recreation department better than most people in this city. I have volunteered hundreds of hours for the football, baseball and basketball leagues. If you need references – please feel free to call me – I have many names and phone numbers to give you.
    Thank you
    Debbie “Ruckriegel” Hendrick

    • Debbie — your experience doesn’t really matter in this case – though I’d challenge you to find a Parks job in any other place. The point is that you’d have never gotten an interview, based on your banking experience, if not for your maiden name. Doesn’t mean you won’t do a good job, it just means that in J-town, the most important line on your resume is your name.

      • Stop The Madness | February 1, 2011 at 9:38 am | Reply

        Excellent point Rick. To be frank, Dieruf, Ruckriegel, Pike, Fox, Weber and whoever else is related to one another has no defense. Deals were cut and promises were made. So, other than the fact that Dieruf “appears” to be better than Foreman, where is the body of work to prove it? A quote that may apply in this situation: “Here we go again.” Ronald Reagan

        • There is a simple solution. if somebody on the City Council were to offer up Metro Louisville’s already-approved ethics guidelines none of this would be an issue. The document states that no blood relative or in-law of an elected official can be hired for a full-time job. That would eliminate the possibility that Fox and Hendrick, and who knows how many others, would be able to be hired. The city also has rules on hiring, and diversity goals, that would be good guidelines for J-town.

          • Yes Rick you are so right because we all know how ethical the leadership is in Louisville right? No brother-in-law contract awards. Jerry Bighead and his crew just gave Cornish our tax dollars and received nothing in return right? And why is it that Jerry and some of his legal buddies wanted to force Wayside out of the Old Louisville Hotel??? Dirty deals at their best in Louisville. Sure glad we have those ethics guidelines in place and you media watchdogs keeping this on the up and up. Not!!! The media can see no wrong with the liberals here in Louisville …

      • Leigh Oates McFarland | February 4, 2011 at 11:11 am | Reply

        If you really knew Debbie Hendrick as a person and see how hard she’s worked volunteering for Jeffersontown WHILE working a full time job for a bank you’d know she is the best person qualified for this job. Debbie along with her 2 young boys and husband would come into our business covered in dirt and filth after volunteering for 10 hours cleaning up Skyview Park. Did I mention the word VOLUNTEERED? It’s people who have a love of their community because of their own personal involvement that makes things happen. The next time you’re at the park enjoying a hotdog or sitting in a clean area and see Debbie digging in the dirt you might want to say thank you. Better yet Rick — put down your hotdog and help out.

  10. Ethics in jtown | January 31, 2011 at 8:52 pm | Reply

    I call on Jtown at the next council meeting to introduce a nepotism and ethics ordinance.

    • Time to Re-Boot J-Town | February 1, 2011 at 4:36 pm | Reply

      Go to the next council meeting are demand that the ethic committee be called to address the issue. Or, better yet, file a complaint. That’s all it takes. Request a meeting or hearing. I appears that there has been a violation of the code of ethics. Get a copy of what Jtown must comply with.

  11. I agree with Carol, and while it does look bad at face value, there is alot of things for the new adminstration to deal with and correct from the Foreman years.
    Obviously, there are many watching and still shell shocked from the things Clay has done in the past. I am sure that causes people to be more skeptical of anyone hired. Yet I have known Bill Dieruf and Carol Pike for many many years and beleive in their sincerity in trying to fix the city’s problems. Obviously there are many elements of the old administartion to weed thru and get rid of, so I have high hopes that Mayor Dieruf can make the needed changes.

  12. True transparent and objective leadership exists where there is no hidden agenda. No matter whether Mr. Fox or Ms. Ruckriegel are qualified are not, Mr. Dieruf chose to make those selections without building real public support. The only way to do that is lead a body of qualified people and then make selections that benefit an overwhelming majority. No open and public search was conducted at all. If it had been, J-Town would have enjoyed selecting a candidate from hundreds of qualified applicants with no family or political connections. People will be watching. The Dieruf administration cant play the blame game and gets no breaks. So far it appears to be business as usual and fast and loose with millions of taxpayer dollars.

  13. First of all I agree 100% with “Stop the Madness”….”The only way to do that is lead a body of qualified people and then make selections that benefit an overwhelming majority. No open and public serach was conducted at all. If it had been, J-town would have enjoyed selecting a candidate from hundreds of qualified applicants with no family or politcal connections.”
    This was not done and people will be watching…
    First of all, James Franconia, really, who would think he was qualified. Anybody can get their employees together and tell them to remove snow… Come on…. an idiot could go that…. He was so far up Bill Dieruf’s butt over the last year that there was no way he wouldnt get hired… He told everyone when the last public work’s director got fired that he would get that job with the new administration. Then as far as Debbie Ruckriegel Hendricks, goes… the only reason she was involved in the football, basketball and baseball programs is to make certain that her son would have a playing spot on the team that he was chosen for… which would be the best team….Dieruf told her she was getting the job before he was even elected….She is in bankruptcy court, really I hope she doesnt have any control over the Parks finances….
    Yes, Bill Fox is over qualified… but to be the sister in law of Carol Pike… and did you know that Kim Weber is bestfriends with the Fox/Pike Family. Nepotism at its best…..
    I wish Bill Dieruf the best…. However, he is not starting out with a good taste in my mouth…

    • I would have felt better if the new hires werent relatives, but then again, the positions needed to be filled. Public works needed a overhaul, and the Parks Director had it made getting paid for two jobs at once! What do they call that? Double Dipping??
      Hire family or keep the crooks……….Hmmmmmm!

      • Hmmmmm… I’m saying dont’t hire family and let the double dippers go….
        If Bill Dieruf was so worried about his image of keeping crooks and/or double dippers, then why was he so ignorant to think that practicing nepotism would be accepted…. He should have posted the position and hired from a pool of qualified applicants….that would have been the right thing to do…. then all this negativity would not be on this blog…
        I would rather wait and see that the positions were filled with qualified applicants.

  14. JTown Taxpayer | February 1, 2011 at 7:50 am | Reply

    From Carol Pike: “He was friends with Bill Dieruf for years. He and Bill have traveled on vacation together up to 7 years ago.” – Where was the selection process? Who are the other candidates? How many other candidates? Who else participated in the process? When and where did this take place?

  15. Chubby Ray Perkins | February 1, 2011 at 5:34 pm | Reply

    Rick, I’m really disappointed in your article. It looks like you’re trying to create sensationalism where there is none. Hiring someone because of who they’re related to is bad IF that’s the ONLY reason they were hired. That’s not the case here. These people are not only qualified but have a true love for Jtown. It’s not just a job to them but rather a passion to see Jeffersontown improve. Every administration from the President on down brings in their own people when they take over. People they can trust !! That’s all we’re trying to do here. Put the best people we know in positions to bring about positive change. Give us a year & lets revisit this. I think you’ll be pleased with the results.

    • This is a joke! Your comments here just contridicted everything you and those on the mission to get Bill elected used against Foreman. Volunteering for little leagues in NO WAY makes one qualified to run a parks department! Bill first appointments are jokes! If this is what can be expected in this administrations first year, Jeffersontown is in trouble!

    • I agree, this article is disappointing. It is filled with “facts” that just aren’t true. Just for an example, the article states that there are no minorities in supervisor positions…I would bet that Sergeant Garza would beg to differ. The last time I checked being a Sergeant was just that. And this is not the only untruth. I wonder why newspaper article writers can just write anything they want without checking the facts?

      • JRC Just Don't Agree... | February 8, 2011 at 4:23 pm | Reply

        How many African Americans does Jtown Police have in commanding positions?

        A police department is supposed to reflect the make up of the community. One hispanic and one female as sergeants still don’t cut it. Jeffersontown is still dominated by whites in the power positions. Bottom line.

        • Yes Garza is a Sargeant, and considered a minoity, but ok, lets get the facts on that!!! WHY was he passed over for all Major positions, when in FACT he had more time, and as much experience as several who were promoted….if not more!!! Why were some females passed over for Sargeant???….

        • Another Question | February 9, 2011 at 11:05 am | Reply

          Your question should not be, “How many African Americans does Jtown Police have…” It really should be, “How many African Americans have applied for supervisor positions?” A person is not going to be promoted unless they apply, take the test and then score high enough on the test to be promoted.

  16. Too Cozy For Comfort | February 1, 2011 at 6:53 pm | Reply

    Ray Perkins “These people (Fox and Ruckriegel) are qualified…” His point “The President on down…” is valid except for one simple fact. The public has no basis to agree or disagree. In other words, so you say Ray. How many others were considered and who did these folks beat out with their “qualifications”? As someone else put it – Bait Shop Politics is alive and well here.

    • Chubby Ray Perkins | February 1, 2011 at 8:15 pm | Reply

      I don’t know how many others were considered & I don’t necessarily think you have to go through some “extensive search” when qualified people are right here. By electing him, the people of Jeffersontown, put their trust in Mayor Dieruf to make decisions regarding the staff & to implement many needed changes. I believe he is doing just that. Government moves slow enough as is, without a public vetting of every new hire. It would draw the process to a crawl. If you doubt me, just look at the appointment of Supreme Court Justices. It can take month’s if not years. I would think that along with their qualifications, their devotion to the city & the “Trust Factor” played a major role in the decision. Lets give them time to prove themselves to you as they have to the Mayor. I personally think they were all good choices. It is our job as a council to hold them accountable, if they’re not performing their duties. I take that responsibility very seriously.

      • This is an absolutely ridiculous comparison to make! The “trust factor” was that Bill would do things differently and openly. Well, he’s not starting off that way! Of course you think they are really good choices, they were all in some way a part of or connected to others who were part of the group working to oust Foreman and get Bill elected.

  17. Thank you Rick for bringing this to everyone’s attention. I’ve been saying the same things all along. But, when I made comments, I was told by Ray Perkins to “keep your nose out of J-town politics” since I had moved out of state. J-town, being the place I was born, where my parents lived and raised 5 children, where my parents died, will always be my hometown and I hate to see it going down the tubes. Keep up the good work – there is much more to uncover, I’m sure.

  18. ok, let me get this straight, the new Mayor of Jeffersontown hires 3 new people, all 3 were raised in Jeffersontown, went to school in Jeffersontown, chose to raise their children in Jeffersontown and 2 of them have relatives that have served the people of Jeffersontown for 20+ years. Wow you are on to something here. I wonder if someone from outside the city like from Metro Louisville or… I got it!!! Shepherdsville has some city employees looking for work, how about some of them serving our city, they have done such a good job there?? And how about this Weber guy, served Jeffersontown over 25 yrs as a police officer and by the way served 20 yrs as a volunteer Firefighter with the Jeffersontown Fire Department. What makes him qualified to enforce codes in Jeffersontown??? I’m not sure if you live in Jeffersontown or not but it’s for sure you do not know Bill Dieruf. He would not chance his reputation for political gains. Of that I’m sure. Tell you what let’s give this a year and then one of us will apologize. You can apologize to Mayor Dieruf for questioning his integrity or if things go bad I’ll apologize to you for calling you an uninformed idiot.

    • So here we are uninformed idiots (at least until Rick did this story) Thanks Rick for informing us!
      Silly of us to think that there would be anyone else in Jeffersontown qualified to have a position in Jeffersontown, it just so happens, that the only real qualified ones are related to those already employed!?
      As for Shepherdsville, if they qualified by being related, I am sure they would already be here! They probably didnt know to check that box on the application!
      What a shame that Jtown is so full of unqualified, uninformed idiots.

    • Dirk Diggler | June 29, 2014 at 10:26 am | Reply

      I guess they want you to fill the positions like Louisville which is to bring people from out of town who have no connection to this City and who think the people of louisville are too stupid to have positions of authority

  19. Weber should be gone... | February 2, 2011 at 10:59 am | Reply

    Common knowledge that Frank Pribble and Kim Weber have been friends for a long time. Nice of him to come to Weber’s defense here. Rumor has it both Weber & Pribble are trying to get Sanders job at Jtown PD…

    • Commenting a earlier post”this Weber guy” has been a friend of this Frank guy for a very long time…. I believe this Frank guy’s son is now employeed by the City of Jeffersontown… One of that Webers guys last hirings before he left…

  20. Apparently its not WHAT you KNOW….it’s WHO you KNOW…. Has anybody else figured out that the only people defending Dieruf’s actions are the people who are either related to a PIKE, RUCKRIEGEL, WEBER, etc… or those who seek to gain something from this administration… PERKINS…
    My guess is that JAMES FRANCONIA, Dieruf’s campaign manager, is relieved that people haven’t been bashing him… which they should. He is just as guilty by having a plan to butter up ol Dieruf.. and becoming his bestfriend so that he could obtain his job as well…

    • Noticed that. Obviously they wish to shed better light on the whole ugly situation, normally you get a “no comment”.
      But I will openly support Jimmy Franconia, I have no interest in anything from the city, I wont be working there, been there, done that (thats another story).
      But I dont see anything wrong with Jimmy helping to get a new mayor, many of us wanted that, and worked hard for it, there is nothing wrong with Jimmy getting the public works spot, it ,like so many areas of the city, needed fresh blood to get things cleaned up. Unless Jimmy turns up to be Bill’s long lost illegitimate son, or another ruckriegel (sorry couldnt resist), then he isnt getting bashed! LOL

  21. Just because you volunteer at sporting events does not qualify you to oversee City events and the Gaslight Festival. The festival has hundreds of volunteers as do all City events but none would be qualified to run them!

  22. As a resident of Jtown and a former recruitment advisor, I must admit that I find a bit of humor in this, Rick. It’s about time the dirty laundry is aired out and you’ve given the folks in question who have commented on this blog enough room to hang themselves. It’s the modern day “ol boys club.” NONE of these resumes would have passed muster if this were a legit hiring process.

    I’ve volunteered for many community events over the years and have NEVER seen Ms.Hendricks in attendance actually SERVING the COMMUNITY. I know her involvement with the sport related events stems from her interst in keeping her son involved in the game…however I’m not sure that qualifies her to run the entire parks department. If that were the case, I’m sure there are many other mothers whose children play sports that could have applied for the position (and they might also have banking experience!!)….I’m sorry, but having 14 years of banking experience cannot possibly qualify a person to run the entire parks department!?! What exactly qualifies her for this position aside from “volunteering?” With the unemployment rate at an all time high, I’m confident that Mr.Dieruf would have had STACKS of apt individuals to chose from.

    As previously stated (J’TownLOL)…the only ones defending any of the parties involved in this debate are ones defending THEMSELVES and their involvement in this debacle. Perkins, I hope you’re correct in your argument that in time the negative aspects of this blog will be dissolved and J’Town politicians will come out smelling like roses………but as far as I’ve seen over the years, it is what it is and IT is the epotiome of Mayberry.

  23. THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS!! Because of these “legit” hirings, J-town just lost one THE MOST experienced and BEST officers they had due to “Buddy hiring” and not to mention Hatmaker’s daddy is a HUGE donator to BOTH Mayor offices!! McIntire and Weber have hardly ANY REAL police experience!!! McIntire hardly even carries his gun to work! And funny – Weber got that job after the first guy hired QUIT! Because they wanted him to get “down and dirty” on the job. I KNOW Weber won’t do that – just another way of him sitting on his a$$ and collecting MORE money from J-town – what a farce!!!!! I feel bad for the Chief because BOTH MAYORS ignored his recommendations for the Major positions. Nothing will ever change in this “good ole’ boy” town. It’s not WHAT you know, it’s definitely WHO you know in J-town!!!!

    • Dont feel bad for the chief, not at all! If he had his way he would bring in more metro guys for majors and get rid of the rest.

      • And if he did?!?!? It would get rid of all the back-scratching, NON-OFFICER people there!!! Weber should have retired YEARS ago! ZERO police education/experience. Went from a VOLUNTEER firefighter to Asst Police Chief – REALLY???????? And left w/$250k in sick pay AFTER they had already paid him $150k b/c his “pot” was getting too big! J-town wouldn’t have a Canine Unit if they had listened to his lazy ass.

  24. More liberal reporting I see. What a joke you media types are. Leave it to you to bring race and sex into things. I think you need to take a look at JTown and how things are going there. They have some of th best services in this miserable county. Of course you media types and liberals could not get enough of Jerry Bighead Mayor for Life and I feel sure you will be the same way with Fischer. How about a little investigative reporting on all of the City of Louisville dirty deals? What a joke …

    • What’s the matter Ha…Do you want Rick to uncover some of the City of Louisville’s dirty deals…. just to take the heat off of J’town’s issues…. If you cant take the heat quit reading the blog…. Its people like you, Franconia, Weber, Pike and Ruckriegel that have caused such an uproar and made the residents of J’town so furious…. Mayor Dieruf, should at the very least post all of these positions and take the MOST QUALIFIED applicant and bring them before the council to approve… I forgot that wouldnt work either… The council members are all related to one another or have some other hidden agenda…. or a family member, bestfriend, that would be the best for the position.

    • Yes they do! And who was at the helm ensuring that Jeffersontown residents were the receipients of these great services? Mayor Foreman. Yes, there were personal issues that definately impacted his re-election, and the ones that were TRUE, are his cross to bear, but the residents benefitted under his tenure. I would like to know why the investigative reporting that was done did not also include some of the sitting council members, as they were up for re-election as well. There is at least one that has a very interesting criminal past.

  25. Lisa Goldstein | February 3, 2011 at 2:53 pm | Reply

    First of all, it is befuddling to see the likes of Carol, Debbie and Ray engaging in debate on what is clearly an agenda-driven blog. Why the eff would you even consider laying out your poorly constructed responses for the world to see? You can’t take it back, ya know. Hint. Shutup. You don’t see Mr. Dieruf out here throwing in his two cents, do you? Well, there is a reason for that. It is unprofessional, and will usually come back to bite you.

    I am pretty sure this article got the intended result. Rick is bff’s with Jake from pageone, you know that famously leftist political blog here in town whose sole purpose is to destroy conservatism. In fact, they were business partners in the venture.

    See how easy it is? Anyone can play. As professionals for the city however, I recommend keeping your traps shut.

    As far as the merits of the debate, I think some of the these folks are forgetting that building professional relationships is what it is all about. The fact that Bill hired a relative of his competitor is somewhat amazing to me. I wouldn’t have hired her because I think she is a lazy cow, but clearly he saw something in her ability to do the job. That’s HIS job. That is why YOU elected him. Where was Ricky-poo when Clay was sniffing coke with Joey M, and beating his spouses, or drinking and driving. or….(goes on and on)…

    • Agenda-driven? Only if the agenda is flushing out the truth, Lisa. And you really have no idea who my bff’s are. I was the also among the few media outlets reporting Foreman’s various miscues, especially his episode of being caught on tape looting a tenant’s home.

      • I also have it on good authority that a council member and a newly appointed position holder made the infamous You Tube video involving all of Clay Foreman’s various miscues… It was posted all over facebook in an effort to sway people to vote for Dieruf… I think most people would have voted for the new mayor anyway… including me… but do you really want these people serving the City of Jeffersontown… people with no morals…

        • Funny I dont know anything about that? Being the best authority on that video……..I made it!!! I didnt need any council or other on the video, Clay was a wealth of info to use, man has more skeletons in his closet than a grave yard!
          I dont see that a personal attack at Rick proves anything, he reported the truth, people can get mad at that if they want, and they are! But the truth is still there regardless who reports it, same as the video, if people are unhappy about it the truth being exposed…….tough!! It will happen again!
          Yes there should be a ethics ordinace in Jtown, whether the council presents it or the citizens petition the city for it! Something needs to change.

          • And what happened to that Jackal website? Funny I can’t get to it now that your boy was elected?! How ironic…..since you are the one suing Foreman. You have your own agenda too.

  26. Another interesting fact…. Bill Fox’s daughter is married to a Ruckriegel…. Imagine that….

  27. Dear PM…. the website I removed, it no longer was needed. Its funny looking at your posts that you have some good info and i share some of your views. Good chance we know each other, but I have no lawsuit with the city, and I get a good laugh that EVERYTIME something is exposed at Jtown, the ones with a lawsuit get credit for it!
    I have no lawsuit, no agenda, nothing to gain, but if you knew me, you would know why.

  28. | February 3, 2011 at 6:05 pm | Reply

    Dear PM-

    I would have to agree with Jackal. It sounds like you have part of the facts right. Always a little truth in rumors…

    I started the and a political action committee called Jeffersontown Ex-Employees Removing Corruption (JERC).

    It was solely intended to get rid of foreman. Mission accomplished.

    While I’m keeping my eye on Jtown – I don’t question Bill Dieruf, Carol Pike or Ray Perkins ethics. I’ve told many of the folks I speak with that they should have openly disclosed these relationships in the original courier article. That way it didn’t leave it open for this type of scrutiny.

    While I know it may be hard to believe but JtownJackal an are separate people that shared a common goal.

    Just like Clay developed thorns like me and Jackal – Dieruf will have some baggage he has to deal with from previous Clay supporters. It’s deals with these people is how Mayor Dieruf will be defined.

    We seem to keep getting the credit for their recent problems. I assure you folks that my hands have been clean. Nice to know I developed that kind of reputation and power over Jtown affairs.

    I’m ‘just a dispatcher’ who wants a wrong to be righted.

    • | February 3, 2011 at 6:08 pm | Reply

      I hate autocorrect:

      “It’s how Dieruf deals with these people is how Mayor Dieruf will be defined”…

  29. Little or No Ethics in JTown | February 4, 2011 at 5:13 am | Reply

    J-Town’s Ethics Ordinance has not been seriously reviewed, amended or updated since 1994. (I smell a Ruckriegel here) The Ordinance has no teeth and allows for general information to slide through with little oversight or accountability. With $18,000,000 of taxpayer dollars at stake, It’s time to review and restructure everything and it needs to be done now – not after a year (as Perkins suggests). The taxpayers in J-Town have been fleeces for millions over a couple of decades. This is much bigger than people know.

  30. What’s wrong with the good ole boys?

    I have never lived in J-town but my father was born and raised there. I am proud of my J-town roots. I know the Ruckriegels and other of the good ole boys and am compelled to comment.

    The former mayor Danny was probably not the most qualified mayoral candidate but he took J-town from the crossroad where the bus did a uturn back to Louisville, to where people are proud to work in, and live in the City of Jeffersontown. The grassroot voters appreciate that. He is inbred with a love of the city and his experience makes him the “Council Member for Life”.

    Danny’s daughter Debbie is chastised for trying to get her son on the best teams. Get off of that! Isn’t that what parents are supposed to do? Her volunteed efforts exposed her to the problems of the parks.
    Mayor Dieruf made an informed choice.

    No one has said that Bill Fox was a bad choice or that he is not qualified. Being a good friend of the mayor surely helped in his appointment, but it is fortunate for the city. He will do an excellent job.

    Carol Pike has had knowledge of every J-town issue of the last decade. Her love of J-town, experience, involvement, and integrity speak for her.

    Mayor Dieruf has msde choices of good people that he knows – let’s hear it for the good ole boys.

    Our country had hundreds of millions of voters select a president from strangers but highly qualified candidates, and ……….

    • Good Ole Boys huh?


      (To the tune of Waylon Jennings)

      Just good ole boys,
      Never meaning no harm.
      Beats all you ever saw, ignored their own ethics law
      Since the day they were sworn.

      Hire-in’ their friends,
      Hire-in’ their folk.
      Someday, the voters might get ’em but the law never will.

      Makin’ their wayyyyyy, without telling you how.
      Well, that’s just a little bit more than the voters allow.

      Just good ole boys,
      Wouldn’t change if they could,
      Takin advantage of their positions like several modern day hoods,

  31. Good work, it is pleasure to read your posts. Waiting for more
    platne typy

  32. Simple but you must do your homework….KRS 65.003. I was raised in that city and my great great great grandfather helped in founding it with Thomas Jefferson. I spent two years in the 1st Jeffersontown High School.Who I am is unimportant now.But I am Chairman on an Ethics Committee. Nobody has anymore power then your City Council. NOT even the Mayor. Mayors are yes no and Veto dummies. Everything should be going through your city council. But anyway…..KRS 65.003 READ and make the city council do the right thing. Hello John Franconia, Tommy Ruckreigle from Saint Edwards and All the Pikes from Watterson Trail.Carol was a kid and Allen too. We all were. I also grew up working for Clifford Knopf Senior and Nimrod Campers Henry Ellingsworth,and John Yager and a few more. One thing for sure Honesty is always best but most politicians are not capable of it. Nepotism is plain to see and no matter how the President brings all his buddies onboard we haven’t had a president since John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Jeffersontown was always been a beautiful little city so why is it that the same elite few when I was in School who wore their nose on top of their head are still there with the same nose in the same place. Like their moms and dads they are what they have been taught to be. KRS 65.003

  33. Oh and I did forget one HUGE wonderful resource called KLC and guess what… Jeffersontown is a member so check it out.You’ll be glad you did.

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