Fairgrounds To use Technology to Rip You Off

KFEC makes $4 million a year for parking

Next time you go to the Fairgrounds, you might get the privilege of paying $8 to park through a machine. The state is paying some $3.2 million over 10 years to get the machines up and running in hopes of speeding your trip around Ring Road.  You’ll be able to use a credit card or cash.

I think I’ll park over there behind the Cracker Barrel and walk in. Or try crashing the gate on my bike and see if the officials come up with an anti-bike rule, like they did for this year’s Kentucky State Fair.

I’m not complaining about the automation, and I don’t care if a few dozen of those nice people who collect your money over there lose their part-time jobs.  In fact, I think the automation is a positive step forward for the Fairgrounds. It’s an expectation today that you can pay for things with a card, not cash.

But charging $8 to park there is offensive. One guy wrote a response to the Courier-Journal story saying he remembered when it was just $2. In the 1980s. I don’t doubt it, but I know that you could park at KFEC for $4 as recently as 2003. It went up to $5 in 2004, then $6 in 2008. Now it’s $8. That’s way ahead of inflation.

It’s not like you’re paying for improvements in the parking situation there, either. It’s simple greed, and the belief that they have a captive audience and can charge whatever the hell they want to. They made $4 million last year.

For parking. When are people going to say they’ve had enough?


3 Comments on "Fairgrounds To use Technology to Rip You Off"

  1. I rode my motorcycle in for the fair & was charged the same $8 as a car & parked by the beer tent not even taking up a parking space on the lot, talk about being ripped off!!!

  2. We park there to attend the UofL football games. We were offered one of the reserved spaces from the university for (I think) $90, so at $48 for the season at the Fairgrounds lot, its a better deal.

    I do think they should waive the parking fee during the fair. They already make money on entrance fees to the fair and then they force you to pay for your car as well. That’s a rip-off.

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