Long Ryders Founder Sid Griffin at The Rud on Monday.


If you’re still looking for something fun to do on Valentine’s Day, try The Rudyard Kipling. Sid Griffin, a Louisville native who formed one of the first (some claim THE first) alt-country band back in the 1980s, now lives in London (England, not Kentucky). His current band, The Coal Porters, is in American to perform at the Folk Alliance in Memphis, but stopping through Louisville for a rare show. The sliding scale admission is $5-$10, depending on what you’re able to pay, so it’s a deal no matter your income bracket.

I tried to catch the Coal Porters  at the Americana Conference in Nashville last fall, but had to return to Louisville unexpectedly early. So though I’ve seen Sid solo before, I’m really looking forward to hearing the full band. I’m told they are a lot of fun, and supremely talented. And who doesn’t love easy going bluegrass sounds?

Also, Sid has this just ridiculous musical biography, full of big important names that I should probably drop in the spirit of promotion (people who are actual celebrities, not people like me who are just being called “celebrity waiters” at wonderful charity dinners hee hee). Really though, it doesn’t matter who he’s written about or used to play with (piqued your interest? find out at www.SidGriffin.com) because he writes and performs good music with good musicians. That’s good enough reason to hear them live. Oh, and in the name of disclosure, I should tel you that I might be sitting in on accordion on a few tunes. But that’s pretty typical of me…


Monday February 14  7:30:  Sid Griffin and the Coal Porters from England play Bluegrass for sliding scale admission–$5 to $10!  A Sweet Adelines Quartet seranades The Rud patrons;  A prix fixe dinner by chefs Sheila and Tim to celebrate love and romance.  There’ll be gumbo on rice, slaw, and cornbread for $7 and glorious cherry cheesecake for $3 more; bluegrass and zydeco are beer brothers.  There’ll be vegan beans, etc., also.  The most romantic Valentine in town!  We’d love for you to call 636-1311 to make reservations.