Election 2011? BORING!!!

Yawn, The Frontrunner

Yes I said it! BORING me to tears! Not just the Kentucky Governor’s race but all the other statewide elections as well. No one candidate has risen to the top or caused so much as a ripple of controversy. While most voters say that’s just fine with them, it won’t do much for voter turnout come November.

Despite what citizens and voters all claim, they do like candidates with a little spice in their elections. So far David Williams and Steve Beshear have managed to muster one gigantic yawn from me and most of the voting pubic as they run for Governor of our commonwealth. I do think that has to change soon, because Williams is down by at least 24 points, according to the latest polls and Democratic incumbent Beshear is doing nothing except presenting checks and ducking debates against the Burkesville Republican and Independent Gatewood Galbraith.

Now some fault Beshear for not debating, but it is good politics if you’re the front-runner. Never give your opponents a platform. Particularly not one with you standing nearby. That being said, Beshear can’t continue to howl for transparency in government if he won’t allow voters to measure him against the other two in the race. It’s not fair to voters and it’s a bit cowardly if you ask me.

As for the other statewide races, not one of them has caught my attention. Treasurer, Ag Commissioner, Secretary Of State–not one has managed to stir any fire or real interest among people I’ve spoken with. Aside for the election for Attorney General, not much has even been reported or written on any other race. The only reason that one is the least bit intriguing is the fact that Republican Todd P’Pool seemed to have momentum coming out of the primary, but managed to somehow be so uninteresting as a candidate, that he will likely lose to incumbent Jack Conway. After Conway lost to Rand Paul last year in a Senate race, many though he’d be ripe for the taking this time around, but P’Pool has pretty much just spun his wheels since the primary.

I know I’ll regret this, because the moment I ask for something interesting to happen, the floodgates will open. But where are the interesting candidates nowadays? No more Happy Chandler, or Ned Breathitt. No Louie Nunn or Thelma Stovall. Not much fun in Kentucky politics this year. Come on folks–let’s liven things up! How bout a scandal or good ethics violation!

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  1. I’m curious as to the source of information for this claim: “Despite what citizens and voters all claim, they do like candidates with a little spice in their elections.”

    As a 1-person focus group I disagree.

    Yes, elections are more interesting to watch when candidates exhibit psycho-pathological behavior. (NOTE: I believe it’s a given that all politicians are psychopaths — after all what other personality type could withstand the criticism that goes with the job, and still come back for more?)

    However, I’m tired of sensational politics. I’m yearning for a leader who is optimistic about the future of America, and can energize the majority of citizens to move forward to a brighter future. Yet, I want someone who can do this without a bunch of personal drama. I truly thought Obama was that man, but the job seems to have beaten him down. Perhaps he isn’t a psychopath; maybe that’s his problem.

    In any case, I’m curious to know if you have some polled data to back up your claim.

  2. No data at all. This is simply my opinion on a blog. My observations come from many years of observing and covering political races and voters. Voters hate apathy and indifference as much as they dislike bombast and arrogance. It’s just my observation that this year’s election is as exciting as watching paint dry.

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