Dog-Gone it, A Super Bowl Tie Would be Great

We got off to quite a start to the week yesterday here at LouisvilleKYcom.  First, a brief post on a typo made at WLKY got picked up by the national sports blog Deadspin, and then several other national sites, so we are officially on the map.  And I had to remove my first comment for being too profane, and stupid. And then there were first posts by some of my favorite writers — musician Brigid Kaelin and journalist Jackie Bentley. And the coolest neighborhood reporter, the original Bon Air Observer, told us about the sordid murderous Rai family that owns the Bardstown Road Travelodge, which is no longer a Travelodge.

Free pizza if the Steelers and Packers are tied at the end of regulation

Today we have the first post from the Eco-Diva, April Perkins. I think you’ll enjoy her stuff. And there are a couple more surprises coming at the site today.

And I hope you checked the story about county attorney Mike O’Connell, who has been accused publicly (he denied it) of forcing staff attorneys to contribute to political causes. In talking about the story with someone in the know yesterday, I was told that attorneys are told to give $1,000 per campaign, that it is a rule down there.  I think there’s more to come on that story.

On to today:

Borders Future and the Trader Joe’s leak: File this under “Believe it when you see it” but Insider Louisville is reporting a real threat to the local retail scene — the possibility that Borders’ will pack up its three huge stores.  There’s some evidence that Borders’ future is in doubt. The story also reveals that the unconfirmed piece  about Trader Joe’s first reported in Business First last week came from a lessee  getting the boot in the Shelbyville Road Plaza.

Leading in Louisville:  Yesterday the Leadership Louisville organization announced its new Bingham Fellows class with a theme of “Shaping Louisville for the 21st Century.” Lots of government employees enrolled in the program, which carries a $3,500 tuition. Are your tax dollars involved? I’ll find out for you.

Pulling for a Tie: Papa John’s is doing its part to encourage sports fans to be civil. Rather than pulling for the Steelers or Packers, I’m just hoping the game ends in a tie. 44 Super Bowls, never a tie at the end of regulation. It it happens this year, anybody who registers gets a free pizza from John Schnatter.

Dog-gone Decision: The best clip from last night’s JCPS Board meeting was seeing Larry Hujo arguing against incentiving teachers by holding up a dollar and saying that teachers motivated by money, “then they’re there for the wrong dog-gone reason.” hehe.  The board voted 5-2 to replace staff at Doss, Seneca and Fairdale high schools. Debbie Wesslund and Carol Haddad favored the option of rewarding teachers who do well with increased pay. But nobody’s getting fired here. Replaced staff members just go to another school.

President’s Competition: Dont’ expect a big audience for Obama’s State of the Union speech on tonight at 9, even though it’s on all the networks. ABC and CBS are giving the President 2 1/2 hours, slipping in episodes of Cougar Town and Big Bang Theory at 10:30, while NBC is scheduled to stay with Obama analysis til 11. Fox is airing the Pres til 10:30, then offering a sports broadcast.

Going Out: So with no reason to stay home and watch TV, you could go to the Hornung Award ceremony at the Galt House brought to you by the Sports Commission; go to Headliners and see our own Brigid Kaelin; see the amazing Fred Eaglesmith at the Rud; or even go to Glen Stuckel’s neighborhood meeting in the East End and hear Bridges Coalition chief Steve Schultz speak.

Stupidity – What To Do in Hazard: “Hey y’all, let’s go down into the coal mine and steal us some copper.” That what 3 dudes in Hazard tried. When they got caught, turned out one of them was a former employee.

HBTY:  Scott Davenport, the Bellarmine basketball coach, is 55 today.  He was four years ahead of me at Iroquois High.

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