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How We Kept Our Wedding as Green as Possible.

Another wedding post! Sorry, but folks have been asking me to spill the details a la People Magazine. Well, maybe not THAT trashy, but apparently, wedding details are popular topics of discussion. I was at a lunch with two tables full of insanely smart and talented women last week, and somehow most of the conversation focused on weddings. Granted, it’s just what was was going on with us, but I still felt guilty about it. I felt really bad for the few women at that table who didn’t have wedding-on-the-brain. Still, I’m amazed by how wonderfully our wedding came together,…

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Bachelor Party Extravaganza!!!

We’re back into full-on wedding mode.  We took a little break from planning…a little too long of a break maybe.  We’re now in the homestretch of the final details.  Brigid loves details, and I prefer to just assume that they will take care of themselves.  Needless to say my reassurance that as long as she and I and the judge show up “everything will be fine” is not too effective.  We’re actually trying really hard to remember that this is supposed to be an adventure. So, in the spirit of adventures, this weekend is my bachelor party!  At first I wasn’t…