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LouisvilleKY-based Papa John’s CEO writes open letter Moms and Dads of America

LOUISVILLE, Ky.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–In June of 2015, Papa John’s International Inc. (NASDAQ: PZZA) announced that it was working to remove 14 unwanted ingredients from its menu. Today, the pizza-making organization marked another Clean Label milestone with the fulfillment of that promise through a letter from Founder, Chairman and CEO “Papa John” Schnatter. Dear Fellow Pizza Lovers – Last June, I made a promise in an open letter in USA Today to the Moms and Dads of America that we would remove 14 unwanted ingredients from Papa John’s pizzas by the end of 2016. Those ingredients included: Artificial Colors (Synthetic and Certified…

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Plans Unveiled to Boost Jobs in Kentucky

Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington, has revealed a new plan that is designed to work on boosting jobs within Kentucky. This is welcome news to any families that have been struggling to find gainful employment, and it is also good news for students who are worried that, upon graduating from college, they will be unable to find work. Keep reading to learn more about Gray’s plans, and remember that you can boost your ability to find work by attending school from home, such as through an MBA program online from an esteemed university. A Focus on Infrastructure and Business…

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Best Masters Degrees for Today’s Louisville Business Environment

We’re seeing a lot of exciting developments and growth from the business scene in Louisville. The market is picking up and there are a lot of job opportunities to pursue. For those who want to have an even better career, the opportunities are there too. One of the best ways to advance your career further is by getting a masters degree. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the best degrees to get today. Business Administration Whether its Management Information System or other majors, an MBA can really help you a lot in your career….


See the Seer and Learn About Wendell Berry’s Life

I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve not ever read a book by one of Kentucky’s most beloved and prolific writers. But I did have the opportunity to see the evidence of Wendell Berry’s life onscreen, thanks to a wonderful documentary that opened the Flyover Film Festival Sunday night. The good news for you — there will be six screenings of the film Wednesday through Sunday at the Speed Museum. Berry, now 81, lives on a farm in Henry County. His Wikipedia listing says he’s a poet, farmer, writer, activist and academic. He’s been a prolific writer of novels, poetry and…

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Yes, it’s another story about Pokemon Go. The hunting is good in LouisvilleKY

By Jackie Hollenkamp Bentley Pokemon Go. Yeah, I’m playing it. And so is my husband. And so is my dad. Yes, my 80-year-old dad. I’ll admit I don’t know the first thing about the Pokemon World despite the cursory exposure over the years with nephews and, now, my children. It didn’t even occur to me to download the game last week after my son asked me if he could. That was a Thursday morning. Since then, this wildly popular, augmented reality game has, dare I say it, literally changed our culture and making Boo Koo Bucks for Nintendo, its maker. I…


LouisvilleKY’s The WEEK: Good Eats in New Places, Lebowski, an Ark, Focus on Forecastle

If you’re like me, you probably keep a list in your head of local spots you want to get to, sort of like your Watchlist on Netflix. Then, when you’re in the car with your girlfriend and it comes time to go out to dinner, you can’t pull up the list from the recesses of your brain, and you end up at Olive Garden (just kidding, I don’t go there). On Tuesday I crossed one of those new spots off my list in spectacular fashion. After a drink at Volare for the NFocus Farewell Party (that print publication put out…

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Gambling’s History in Kentucky

  The history of gambling in Kentucky can be traced back to the gambling clubs that came into existence just before the Great Depression; and after that period.  At that point, it was illegal to engage in any form of casino gambling but it didn’t stop the avalanche of gambling dens from springing forth. Contributing factors to this were the proximity of Ohio and the presence of organised crime gangs that had control over most of the activities that happened in Newport and other northern parts of the state. Top gambling houses in Kentucky history Way before these days of…

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Why Children Across America Are Being Taught About Entrepreneurship from A Young Age

When you think of an entrepreneur, what is the picture you get in your mind? Someone like Richard Branson or Mark Zuckerberg? A business visionary who has a range of experience and qualifications like an MBA and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt level certification? Perhaps an inventor with an amazing new product? Well, chances are what you don’t envisage is a child, however there are already some successful child entrepreneurs out there. Of course, not every kid is thinking about making money rather than playing games or watching cartoons when they’re still in school, but there is a lot…

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Spirituality in the Church Today

Spirituality in the Church Today – Controversial Issues It doesn’t matter how well informed we are as a society, there will always be dissention among believers because everyone seems to have a different interpretation of their holy book. Whether it is the Bible, the Torah and Talmud or the Koran, few sects within a faith believe exactly the same things. In other words, there appear to be no absolutes and this leads to widespread controversy. So then, looking at Christianity, what are some of the most controversial issues facing the church today? Abortion At the top of the list of…

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Can Positive Thinking Aid Drug Addicted Adults?

Positive thinking is a technique that’s used in a variety of ways, from trying to attract more wealth, to remaining focused on the things that you’re grateful for and that make you happy. But can positive thinking also aid drug-addicted adults who are seeking ways to overcome their addictions and become sober for good? Experts Recommend Positive Thinking According to experts, regardless of what type of addiction you suffer from, and what type of treatment facility you go to in order to get better, whether you’re in a detox in Florida, California, or any urban or rural facility, if you…