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The History of the Cigar

Now a sophisticated way of celebrating a birth, a marriage, or a successful business deal, the smoking of a cigar has come a long way since cigars were first created, over a thousand years ago. The Mayans It is believed that the ancient Mayans invented the first incarnation of the cigar by wrapping tobacco in palm or plantain leaves. The Mayan people utilised tobacco in many different ways, from brewing it in drinks, to using it for medicinal purposes. Traces of tobacco and images of people smoking cigar-like items have been discovered inside archaic vessels and on ruins, reinforcing the…

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What to Pack for a Deer Hunting Excursion

Deer are found throughout the United States and, as a result, they are among the most popular game for both new and veteran hunters alike. Of course, as with any sport, hunting takes a lot of practice to become proficient at, and the first few excursions are often challenging for beginners. Even those who have practiced with firearms before will now have to contend with moving, living, targets. Unlike the stationary targets found at shooting ranges, the animals that hunters pursue will be capable of thinking and reacting to the hunter. Not only will new hunters have to develop their…