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More Social Work Jobs Are Available

We’re seeing a huge jump in demand for social workers and professionals in the field. There are a number of reasons why the demand for MSW professionals is increasing, but the most prominent one is the fact that jobs, such as diversity and inclusion manager, are now considered more important than ever before. Companies are actively looking for graduates with a master’s in social work and top universities such as Case Western Reserve University are helping students acquire the skills and knowledge needed to be the best in the field. There are a lot of interesting jobs and careers in…

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Yes, it’s another story about Pokemon Go. The hunting is good in LouisvilleKY

By Jackie Hollenkamp Bentley Pokemon Go. Yeah, I’m playing it. And so is my husband. And so is my dad. Yes, my 80-year-old dad. I’ll admit I don’t know the first thing about the Pokemon World despite the cursory exposure over the years with nephews and, now, my children. It didn’t even occur to me to download the game last week after my son asked me if he could. That was a Thursday morning. Since then, this wildly popular, augmented reality game has, dare I say it, literally changed our culture and making Boo Koo Bucks for Nintendo, its maker. I…