Tom Jurich

Nope, staying at U of L

Jurich no longer employed, fired by UofL’s Board of Trustees Wednesday in LouisvilleKY

Story and photos from   LouisvilleKY., – The University of Louisville Board of Trustees voted 10-3 on Wednesday to terminate the contract of Vice-President for Athletics and Athletics Director Tom Jurich “with cause.” The board met in executive session for more than two hours before voting to fire the man who has led UofL Athletics since 1997. Interim President Dr. Greg Postel thanked Jurich for his service and told reporters the university will continue its strong commitment to student-athletes and the athletics program. Postel’s prepared statement to the media: Today the board of trustees voted to terminate, with cause,…

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ohio river bridge

LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: No Scandal Here, Right?

If the national media is reporting on the University of Louisville sports world, it couldn’t be accurate without using the words “shooting” “sex” “scandal” “cheating” “investigation” and “money”. The positive news about Lamar Jackson winning the Heisman Trophy enjoyed a brief moment in the spotlight, very brief, before a shooting involving football players and a revelation about cheating, plus the A.D. waging a war of words over money with city officials, returned to the front page. I’m trying to figure out how two U of L football players, and a cheerleader, got themselves shot at a party at an off-campus apartment,…