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Pet & People Festival

Today was the first of a two day unique event providing information, services and products for pets and people. Even the snacks were designed for pets and people to share. There was a great training demonstration using a “clicker”. The trainer was focused on reinforcing the behavior she wanted while ignoring the rest. This method eliminates the yelling and tugging. The dog was doing amazing activities like playing on and with a skateboard in a short amount of time. A pet massage was also demonstrated and experienced by pets and owners alike while those of us looking on wished we…

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Pump n’ Pedal: Getting Two for the Price of One

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N. I’ve been going to spinning classes for about 10 years. I have to admit, I am more of a lover of aerobic exercise rather than weight training. Yes, I do weight train but I need to force myself to do it. Yeah, yeah, I know I should know better as a health professional but…I am just telling you the truth. I just recently joined the YMCA after years of belonging to another fitness center. It was cheaper and 15 minutes closer to my home. I typically run and bike outdoors but in the winter…

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A Walk on the Wild (Ginger) Side

I can’t say that I’m really adventurous when it comes to cuisine, but when Claudia told me she loved sushi, I proposed that we make it a sushi night. She chose the Wild Ginger in the Highlands, open a few months now in the old Cafe Metro spot. Now I can count my sushi experiences with my fingers — I went once to that now-closed Raw place on 4th Street, on a work outing to Asahi in St. Matthews, and maybe another adventure I can’t really remember. It WAS Friday night, and we didn’t have a reservation when we walked…

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Driving Home in the Snow

It’s amazing…even with just a little snow on the road people are driving like a blizzard is coming. We sell Louisville Homes luckily we didn’t have any appointments today. I’m not so worried about the snow.. it’s more about the drivers. Bob Sokoler is a former Anchor/Reporter turned Louisville Realtor 7 years ago in Louisville Kentucky. You can learn more about Bob and his Team at www.weselllouisville.com

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Living in the High End of The Precipitation Forecast

We all know those people. The ones who call and say, “Did you hear we’re getting 8 inches of snow tomorrow?”  In actuality the forecast is 1-3 inches but there could be “bands” of heavier precip 100 miles north and so that person assumes it’s going to snow butt deep to a buffalo in their back yard.  Such is the situation in the metro today as one station I watch is calling for 3-6 inches of snow while another is calling for 1-3.  At the end of the day neither forecast is crippling.  Neither amount would, say, prohibit you from…

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About that “Army of Citizen Journalists” Comment

The topic was the future of journalism, so I took a 12-year-old along to see how the world of news fits into his worldview. After listening to a panel of locals, Luke is not in the least interested. I’d be surprised if the meeting inspired any of the dozen or so students in attendance to set their sights on this new and changing profession. In fact, there was a serious discussion about whether journalism is a profession or an activity. The panel, held at St. X and organized by the local SPJ, was lightly attended, maybe because U of L…

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Mommy Groups Are Rite of Passage

You’ve all heard the term “play date.” Defined by me it means “To gather for the purpose of social interaction for children and adults with like interests.” Mommies live and die by these groups.  There are websites extolling the virtues of these excursions and the fee varies on number of children, outing, and number of children in your family. Finding the right fit when it comes to a mommy group is tough. Especially for me. I have twins. That means two little tornados ripping through the room. Right now my sister’s here to help but doing it solo usually makes…

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Tandy on the LouisvilleKY.com, The Pulse of the City …welcome!

Welcome to the new Home of the Tandy on the Town Blog! ( new name? working on it…)

Excited and happy to join such an esteemed group of Louisvillians talking about all things, well, Louisville!

Follow me and we will chat about Louisville Life, from happenings to personal takes on news, opinions from comrades and much , much more. We like to keep a fun, unique spin on whats going on in the world we live in here in River City!

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Three Wise Guys Talk it Up at Breakfast

There was plenty of diversity and dialogue at this morning’s Breakfast of Champions. The bi-monthly breakfast drew more than 60 guests to hear what the three newest members of the Metro Council had to say about the future of the city and their districts. David James, the Democrat elected in the 6th District (much of Old Louisville), led off by addressing issues he’s taking on, including the needs of the elderly population living in high rises and the challenges in getting to know all the neighborhood groups. Jerry Miller, the new Council member in Hal Heiner’s East End district, discussed…