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photo by Lisa Dean

LouisvilleKY Loves Its Tailspin Ale Fest

On Being a Volunteer Pourer at LouisvilleKY’s Tailspin For Pete’s Sake. . . that was the chocolate-peanut butter beer I was pouring, along with Sweet Baby Jesus, which, was just about as good. I was told the difference was a single percent of alcohol, but no one I spoke to mentioned any difference. I’m no beer connoisseur, and prior to the Tailspin Ale Fest at LouisvilleKY’s Bowman Field on Saturday, I wasn’t “in” on the craft beer scene. I spent several hours as a volunteer beer pourer on an unbelievably clear and warm February day. Pouring beer is a fun job,…

This week's Pizza Club was at DiOrio's in St. Matthews

LouisvilleKY’s The WEEK: Serious Cartooning, Pot Dreams, Powerball Fantasies and 10-Minute Plays

Welcome to the latest on Louisville, where you didn’t win the Powerball, but GE Appliances found a new buyer. And I learned from experts that Matt Bevin is easy to draw, and lampoon, and that he’s in favor of passing legislation on medical marijuana, just like his GOP brother Rand Paul. Controversy Stirs With Race, and Guns, and Religion: So that’s where Courier-Journal cartoonist Marc Murphy gets the most inspiration. Find out what he did to get his face on a WANTED poster in rural Kentucky on the Rusty Satellite Show.  Chinese Firm Agrees to Buy GE Appliances, and Louisville…

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Improvement, Efficiency on LouisvilleKY’s Metro Agenda with Theresa Reno-Weber

First BOC of 2016 in LouisvilleKY a big success A big crowd turned out, despite overblown fears of snow, to hear Theresa Reno-Weber speak at this morning’s Breakfast of Champions event at the University Club at U of L. Reno-Weber, a recent guest on the Rusty Satellite Show, gave an inspiring and informative talk about the city’s efforts to do things better, and challenged the audience of about 60 to find ways to contribute time and talent to improve the world around us. Reno-Weber, Chief of Performance and Technology for Metro Louisville, spoke of how the use of data had helped…

Dee Maaske as Vera and Michael Goldsmith as Leo in 4000 Miles at Actors Theatre of Louisville. Photo by Bill Brymer.

Actors Theatre’s 4000 Miles Examines Whether Grandmother Knows Best

LouisvilleKY’s Actors Theatre’s Latest In the new play 4000 Miles at Actors Theatre, the focus is on the relationship between a young adult and his grandmother. Like any good family drama, it will have you thinking of your own life, or your grandmother or a son. That’s certainly what happened with me, as I thought of my rebellious and independent son Nick and the special bond he had with my late mother, Dorothy. Like Nick, young Leo is on a quest to make his own way in the world, via a bicycling adventure across the country which has come to an end…


LouisvilleKY’s The Week Starts 2016 with a Bang

LouisvilleKY’s JCPS Deals with Threat Nothing like starting the first week of school with a local terrorist scare. My sympathies to those of you who are grappling with the decision on whether to send the kids to school today, but here’s my opinion — don’t let FEAR win. Or the terrorists. As I discuss with Robbie Valentine in this week’s Rusty Satellite Show, I believe people today are too conditioned to be scared because of what they hear in the media, from police and elected officials. We now live in a community where I can’t send my 17-year-old son to the…

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2015 LouisvilleKY Highlights with Photos from Bill Brymer

One of the best things that happened for LouisvilleKY.com and the Rusty Satellite Show in 2015 was the start of a partnership with local photographer Bill Brymer. We had quite an adventure, visiting with important people all over town. Bill does great work – as you can see – and does freelance work for many local clients, including Actors Threatre and General Electric. Fortunately for us, he does some great work for us. Here’s to many more great pics in 2016

louisville no cars

DownTown Louisville to ban cars

Louisville Mayor plans to make downtown a “No-Traffic Zone” * After months of road closures and diversions coupled with the gradual introduction of no park zones, Mayor Fisher’s plans to prevent cars from being in the downtown area of Louisville is finally becoming a reality.* According to a source who wishes to remain anonymous “The road closures  are a well thought out plan to test the patience of Louisville car drivers.” With only a handful of “road rage” incidents reported the Mayor then appears to have proceeded to give MSD, LG&E and others the green light to add to the road…

These Eagle fans found some fun tailgating

In Football, It was Reality Weekend In Louisville KY

A Not-So-Great Louisville KY Football Weekend In college sports, this really is a basketball town. Make that state. OK, region. It becomes evident every October, and is usually drilled home in November. Exhibit A – Yesterday’s results. The brightest moment for an area school was Louisville’s ugly 17-14 win over Boston College at home. And by bright, I mean a game that included 21 punts, and 4 fumbles, played under gray skies, and occasional rain, in a half-empty stadium. Bobby Petrino’s offensive genius label is peeling off as quickly as the school’s reputation for high morals, as the Card QB…


Louisville Uncovered presents: US Marine Hospital

The United States Marine Hospital: Portland, Kentucky The Ohio River has been the lifeblood of Louisville since the beginning of the River City. Back then river traffic had the nighty Ohio looking more like Spaghetti Junction than a lazy river. It was a pleasure to get an insiders look at the hospital as it stands today on Louisville Uncovered!  In 1837, Congress authorized the construction of the U.S. Marine Hospital in Louisville “for the benefit of sick seamen, boatmen, and other navigators on the western rivers and lakes.” (Ohio and Mississippi rivers and Great Lakes.) At this time, steamboats dominated…

At the Back Door, Bill Page paints the murals. I'm going on this one by the kitchen

THE WEEK: Changing Seasons, for Football, Getting the Jump on Local Terror, the Back Door and Rusty Updates

Peak Season: The leaves are changing, the clocks will soon move back, and the fortunes of local football teams may soon reverse. Last night Kentucky put up a good fight in losing to Auburn 30-27. They’re now 4-2, and the talk of an SEC title has quickly subsided. On Saturday Louisville has its pivotal contest of the year – at Florida State at Noon. Meanwhile, the best offense in the land put up another 55 points last night for Coach Jeff Brohm – Western 55, North Texas 28. I’m a Back Door Man: After talking with John Dant of the…