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Talk Derby to Me…Derby Fashion do’s and dont’s. Part I

Around here, the spring rain, the wild temperature fluctuations, and the hunt for the perfect outfit all mean one thing: Its Derbytime in Louisville. As we countdown for the Thundering hooves at the 138 Kentucky Derby, lets highlight this week a few tips and tricks for surviving the track! The Derby is a time-honored tradition of Southern Style and Grace, highlighting 2 of Kentucky’s most precious assets: Beautiful women and fast horses. Don’t ignore the pomp and circumstance that is the Derby. And Don’t become a fashion victim. Whether you shop at JC Penney or Rodes, good fashion is about…

An Open Love Letter to My Beloved:

Hello Louisville, I have missed you !! How I love thee and thy food, thy people and thy memories I pass every day I am home: The corner of Story and Spring where some uninsured kid pinned me and me dog inside my cute little Honda CRX to the telephone pole on the Northwest corner; the Cathedral of the Assumption where my children were not baptized but where they received their other sacraments; Nancy’s Bagel Grounds where we’ve spent nearly every Sunday after Mass; my beloved Limestone Bay Yacht Club where I’ve spent many afternoons and evenings and even some mornings…

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One and Won. Slice it how you like, the Cats ride high to NCAA Championship

Our weekend started out with some good old fashioned UL vs. UK smack talk amongst friends leading up to Friday’s matchup. We endedwith a good old fashioned, highly athletic and dramatic basketball game and a CATS championship. But the trip was much more than that, it was a lesson in defending stereotypes, teams and leadership styles of coaches. Love him or hate his past, Calipari is doing his job as one heck of a basketball coach, and we , the Big Blue Nation expect nothing less. As I learned all this week, we have a lot to be thankful for,…

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And now, Peyton, Black Bart, C-J Departures, Leg Ticklers and A Home For Sale

I got some catching up to do, so. . . Yesterday during my appearance on the Joe Elliott Radio Show (click here, go to Hour 1, download if you really want to hear it) it was fun to talk, first, about Peyton Manning and the imminent moment when he’ll put on an orange jersey.  It’s hard not to be a Peyton fan, and he had to go somewhere, but the Broncos? Denver, home of Tebow-mania?  I think it’s a big risk for any NFL team to sign a 36-year-old QB coming off 4 neck surgeries, but I’m betting he’ll give…

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Modern Life on Stage at Actors

You will love “Eat Your Heart Out”,  one of the Humana Festival of New American Plays entries, if you. . . are a single Mom struggling to balance work, parenthood and dating. Or if you are part of a married couple struggling to adopt a child. Or if you remember being a teen-ager struggling with love and friendship in a cruel environment. The play, by playwright Courtney Baron, centers on the life of Nance. She goes on an awkward first date set up through Match.com. She struggles because her teenage daughter is overweight, has just one friend in the world,…

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Ted Smith: Innovation is Key to Growth

As he admitted to a packed house at the Breakfast of Champions gathering at the University Club, the title “Director of Innovation” sounds like a made-up title. But that’s what Mayor Greg Fischer offered Smith last year — a title he’d made up, along with no staff or resources, and an assignment to get Louisville in the conversation about cool and innovative cities. In January, Smith added “Economic Development” to his title and has been focusing on growth — as in bringing investment and dollars to the city along with innovation. He told several stories about how innovation can make…

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Grandma’s Recipes are Right at Home at Anselmo’s

I happened upon Anselmo’s, in the Highlands, for a late-night Hot Brown pizza a few weeks ago, and the food keeps bringing me back. Kenny Jeannette, who opened the restaurant last May featuring his Grandma’s Italian recipes, warned me on my second visit that the Italian Inferno would test my resistance to hot, hot spices. Fairly warned, Luke and I tried it anyway. He was right. So on our third visit I tried another spicy dish, the Rattlesnake Pasta, while Luke went with lasagna. It’s cozy and the staff is great, offering great advice (and warnings) about the menu. After…

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Through the Smoke, Actors’ “Hour of Feeling” Shines

Before I tell you about “The Hour of Feeling,” which debuted last night as part of the Humana Festival of New American Plays, let me rave about the event itself.  Actors Theatre’s signature event, running now through April 2, attracts acclaim and attention for Louisville from across the globe. Each production features spectacular set design, staging, costumes and special effects, on plays written by brilliant young playwrights. Everything is done in a first-class way, intorducing new plays on a national stage. “The Hour of Feeling” is no exception. It’s the story of a young man under pressure from two women,…

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How Do You Like The Weather?

The one thing I love about living in Louisville…. If you don’t like the current weather, just hang around for a few hours and things will change.  In less than a week, we’ve had tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, snow, rain, sunshine, clouds, partly cloudy, partly sunny, 20 degrees, 70 degrees.  You need 4 complete wardrobe changes, just to get through the week.

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Senator Mitch McConnell Speaks at the GLI Capitol Connection

By Barbara Day, M.S., R.D., C.N.           Senator Mitch McConnell spoke to over 250 business men and women. Senator McConnell said there are some positives about working with divided government comparing it to 2009, when there was no divided government but one party was making and passing all their agenda. He talked about the passage of Obamacare, the nationalizing of student loans and the 43% increase in the National debt in less than 3 years. Fortunately, in 2010, Congress came together to extend the Bush Tax Cut for 2 years because of the dire state of the economy. Senator McConnell…