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This week's Pizza Club was at DiOrio's in St. Matthews

LouisvilleKY’s The WEEK: Serious Cartooning, Pot Dreams, Powerball Fantasies and 10-Minute Plays

Welcome to the latest on Louisville, where you didn’t win the Powerball, but GE Appliances found a new buyer. And I learned from experts that Matt Bevin is easy to draw, and lampoon, and that he’s in favor of passing legislation on medical marijuana, just like his GOP brother Rand Paul. Controversy Stirs With Race, and Guns, and Religion: So that’s where Courier-Journal cartoonist Marc Murphy gets the most inspiration. Find out what he did to get his face on a WANTED poster in rural Kentucky on the Rusty Satellite Show.  Chinese Firm Agrees to Buy GE Appliances, and Louisville…

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Luna Gale 2015: l-r-David McElwee, Lexi Lapp, Wendy Rich Stetson.Photo Credit by Bill Brymer

New Actors’ Production Luna Gale Takes on Real Issues

There are a lot of problems that real people deal with, stuff that we read about in the media, maybe, that never really hit home in our own lives. Maybe you know someone who is dealing with addiction or abuse — two topics that are addressed in Rebecca Gilman’s Luna Gale, which premiered Oct. 8 at Actors Theatre. You can see it through Oct. 25 in the Pamela Brown Auditorium.   Gilman’s play is set in Iowa, Cedar Rapids actually, which could be anywhere in America. A social worker has too many cases, and the ones she does have pull…