I Was There

2015-08-08 16.45.12

Back to Nature with the Boys at the Gorge

For us city folks, getting out into nature is a beautiful thing. It teaches us to appreciate the majesty of mountains, to understand how harsh the environment can be, and it challenges us physically to climb and cross terrain. During an adventurous weekend with my three sons at Red River Gorge, we hiked a few miles into the woods and set up camp on the top of a ridge, where there were no other people, and the stars shone brighter than usual. It wasn’t lost on me, however, that there were dozens of emergency vehicles at the trailhead, all on a search…

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Rusty Satellite Goes Video — Talking About the Banyan Tree

A big thank you to my friends Dan Petrik and Nick Mattingly at Switcher Studio for choosing the Rusty Satellite Show to demonstrate their fantastic technology. Check out the multi-camera shoot accomplished with one camera operator and edited while it was being shot during my Rusty interview with Sam and Amy Patel and Jeff Stum. Sam and Amy have developed Banyan Tree Chai as a retail product that you can find, starting this week, in local groceries like ValuMarket and Lucky’s. Jeff is a partner in Spicewood Branding, which is marketing the product. We shot the video at the downtown…