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HEY MAYOR GREG FISCHER!! Quit Mistreating Jurors

I would like to be excited about fulfilling my civic duty. I’ve been selected for a second time. The first time, six years ago, I wrote about the experience for Insider Louisville, a piece you can read right here. But the whole jury duty experience suffers from incompetence, inefficiency and people who simply don’t give a shit that you’re giving up time and money to be here, just to keep from being summoned and potentially thrown in jail. I’m sure there are people here who think they’re going to get picked for some exciting case that they won’t be able…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Cards by 7 TDs?, an Iraqi-born artist, Rabbit Hole Bourbon and a Great Burger

As of Friday morning, the #7 Louisville Cardinal football team is favored by 34.5 points in its ACC football game against Duke. As hard as that is to believe, I think this time Bobby Petrino won’t take his foot off the gas until his team is up by the 7 touchdown margin, because at this point in the season image does matter. And the Cards’ image will certainly be enhanced with a 56-10 win. I’ll see you in the Flight Deck. If it weren’t for it coinciding with the game at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, I would be riding down…