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The Age of Happiness

Age is just a number, right?  So, should we make a big deal when somebody starts trying to date somebody of a different age?  I have been asked on a few occasions about age differences and how much is too much.  This is a subject I used to be more opinionated about, but as I have gotten older, I have decided a relationship is about finding joy and happiness, and far be it from me to tell somebody they can’t be happy with another person. Recently there was a story about a 94 year old billionaire marrying a much younger…

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Wellspring Announces Date & Headliners For 14th Annual Derby Preview Party

Derby attire is beginning to be considered and one of the biggest and first evening events related to the Kentucky Derby season is rapidly approaching: the 14th Annual Wellspring Derby Preview Party. The event will be held Tuesday, April 24, 2012 from  5:30 to 9:00 pm on Millionaires Row 4th Floor at Churchill Downs. A sell-out crowd of 500 guests is anticipated for this “signature event” of the Derby season.  John Asher will join in as the master of ceremonies, and handicapper Bill Doolittle will offer “insider” tips for Derby day. Guests will have an opportunity to bid on live…

Life, Love, and the Meaning of…..

It seems we are all looking for the same basic thing, somebody who is a true friend and yet that you have amazing chemistry with also. If we had our preference, it would be somebody who fully knew us and yet loved us completely, that elusive soul mate. Very few people ever experience that type of relationship in their lifetime. It does happen, but it is so rare that most of us decide that one or the other is good enough. For anyone who has experienced it, if it is lost, it is very difficult to recover and settle for less than that again.

Dating in the Age of Social Media

Dating is completely different in my 40s than when I was a teenager!  It is even different from when people were dating after divorce 20 years ago!  We used to have to depend on actually meeting a person face to face, either thru school, work, friends, in the grocery store…. But now the entire world is open to us.  Now by posting a picture and a profile we can open ourselves up to thousands of possibilities.  Has life gotten better because of this new age of dating? Let’s look at the positives.  First, if you are in a small town…