Joey Mechavich

THE WEEK: Political Rebels, Arts Heroes and Finishing a Bowl

Yippee! I’m celebrating a birthday, so it’s already a good week. Plus, it’s the last weekend before the start of FOOTBALL SEASON, and all your teams are undefeated, and your fantasy football geeks are all tied for first. Here in Louisville, the news is picking up, like. . . Hartman Arrested: Ex-Rusty Satellite guest Chris Hartman, director of the local Fairness campaign, got himself arrested for disrupting a breakfast sponsored by the Kentucky Farm Bureau at the State Fair. Hartman and two others held banners and made a lot of guests at the Ham Breakfast uncomfortable by going inside (they…

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Who’s the Most Interesting of Them All? – Rusty’s People

I asked my friend Jason Smith to put together a little movie showcasing all of the photos I’ve taken of guests on the Rusty Satellite Show in the last two years, since we’re celebrating 100 episodes of the podcast. Of course, I didn’t know how much work was involved. But here it is. The quality of some of the shots is poor – that’s my fault. And there are two people in the video who don’t belong – they weren’t on the show. And I know I missed getting at least one of the guest’s photo in the show. But…