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New study says LouisvilleKY singles don’t like kids

Study: New York and Vegas top studies of best and worst cities for singles who want kids Louisville, KY., – Apparently if you’re single and have children, Louisville may not be the best place to find new love. A new study by a national singles group doesn’t paint Louisville in a positive light when it comes to raising children. In fact, the study by EliteSingles places Louisville just behind Las Vegas and Charlotte as US cities with “Least Child-friendly Singles”. New York ranks first as having the most singles who said “yes” to raising kids. Around 1 in 5 in Sin…

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LouisvilleKY’s THE WEEK: Statue’s Limitations, Suddenbreakingnews, Jokes and Parties

As John Asher might tell you, it’s just eight days until the 142nd Run for the Roses, and we’ve already begun to celebrate. Here’s what’s worth paying attention to. Kentucky Name Drops: Exaggerator. Suddenbreakingnews. Nyquist. Creator. Mohaymen. To have some proper Derby conversations, learn that these are names of horses who will likely be in the Derby. 20 will start. Nyquist is the undefeated favorite. Buy a Racing form, or ask anyone for their opinion, if you want to know more. And listen to my interview with John Asher on the Rusty Satellite Show. No Joke – the Mark and…