THE WEEK: At Least It Ends Well

Welcome to THE WEEK – LouisvilleKY.com’s almost weekly wrap of the River City. This time the big news came on Friday, as the Supreme Court ruled on gay marriage, and your Facebook feed exploded with nice people rejoicing. A Kentucky case was at the center of the argument. And, of course, let’s all not forget that Gov. Steve Beshear once argued in favor of the gay marriage ban because his lawyers claimed gay marriage would hurt the state’s birth rate. That was after Jack Conway realized it was a bad argument and refused to defend the Kentucky law. Let’s hear the…

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Prepare for the Weekend – Your Louisville Guide

It’s an action-packed weekend ahead, and local newsmakers have been busy giving citizens stuff to talk about. Let’s review. . . That Omni Looks Awesome: But will it really happen? (Louisvilleky.com) Will Anyone Really Miss the Phoenix Hill and Jim Porter’s? If you’re a local you’ve likely got some great memories, but had you been to either one lately? The closing was abrupt. (LouisvilleKY.com) My Girlfriend, and 3 Funny Dudes, Together: In the 100th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show. Come to the big party tonight. Let’s Hear it For Mimi Hwang: After a Jefferson County prosecutor made racist comments about Asian-Americans,…